Gold Buddy Drywashers 

Drywashers are like highbankers but they do not use water. Drywashers are excellent gold mining tools for use in areas where water is not available, such as arid and desert areas. GOLD BUDDY drywashers recover gold using three processes at the same time: Electrostatic concentration occurs because the high-velocity air flowing through the unit creates an electrical charge which attracts and holds gold. The same airflow holds the material in suspension allowing the heavier materials to sink under the riffles where it is caught. The Uni-bearing oscillating vibrator shakes the material at the same time, further helping the values to sink.  Article: Tips for Using a Drywasher.

If you're wondering exactly how dry your material should be for drywashing, the short answer is VERY DRY. But exactly how dry is dry?  The best test is to take a handful of your material and squeeze it in your hand. If it clumps, it is not dry enough to guarantee the best recovery results. Another thing to keep in mind for best results is that you want an even flow of material over the riffle tray. A nice even flow is necessary to allow the heavies to settle to the bottom. This is accomplished by adjusting the box angle and shovel speed. You also might want to classify your material to .5 inch or 3/8 inch mesh before running it through your drywasher. And be sure to run your metal detector over your header piles to make sure you haven't classified out a nugget or two!  Just to be on the safe side, run your detector again on the tailings pile. In fact, old tailings piles can be a literal gold mine! Thousands are out there and are worth testing. The old-timers didn't have metal detectors and fancy drywashers to get it all, so they left a lot of gold for YOU to recover.

Gold Buddy Dry Washers

A proven performer through the years, Gold Buddy Drywashers are made in the USA and are designed to deliver years of service. Four new models were redesigned in 2012, so their legendary performance is now even better!  Key features include:

• Hoppers & Recovery Boxes: Aluminum hoppers and recovery boxes are precision crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. The newly redesigned recovery box is completely electrically isolated so that the static charge builds quicker, stronger, and does not dissipate quickly. New one piece recovery tray is completely removable for easy cleanup. All Gold Buddy drywashers have non-conductive links in all the connectors which help the recovery box keep a static charge.

• Grizzly, Legs and Riffles: The grizzly, legs, and riffles are made of zinc plated steel for years of durable rust free service.

• Folding Leg System: Gold Buddy drywashers all feature newly redesigned folding leg systems. The legs are plated steel thin wall square tubing and are shipped attached to the drywasher.

• Blowers & Hoses: The 3 smaller models of Gold Buddy drywashers -- the Colt, Pony, and Maverick -- come with a 3 inch air hose #5128. They will run on any quality 3 inch, 2 cycle leaf blower you can purchase from any lawn & garden store for $70 to $130. The large Gold Buddy drywasher -- the Stallion -- comes complete with the JOBE brand Hurricane 4 inch blower and a 4 inch air hose. Read the Stallion Drywasher Field Test here written by GPAA Chapters & Trade Show Manager Gary Sturgill.

• Uni-Bearing Shaker Assembly: A simple one bearing shaker system is very effective. A metal dust cover keeps dust out of the sealed bearing for years of maintenance-free service. The steel fan blades are guaranteed to never need replacement!

• Air supply hoses are included.

• Working the Drywasher instructional DVD is included FREE with every Gold Buddy drywasher.

• Manufacturer 5 year limited warranty for defects in workmanship is included. This manufacturer warranty from Jobe Tools is to the original owner and includes everything except normal wear, bearings, and the cloth in the recovery box.

Click here to download Drywasher Assembly Instructions.

We also sell the Gold Storm Drywasher.

    Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Pony Drywasher

    FREE SHIPPING! Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Pony Drywasher #5728

    Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Maverick Drywasher

    FREE SHIPPING! Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Maverick Drywasher #5727

    Gold Buddy Stallion Drywasher

    Gold Buddy Super Stallion Drywasher + Blower #5723

    Drywasher Air Hose
    Drywasher Air Hose #5128

    5718-4 inch


    Replacement Fan Blade for Dry washers

    drywasher fan assembly
    Drywasher Shaker Fan Assembly #6080
    Working the Drywasher DVD
    Working the Drywasher DVD #6131
    Successful Drywashing
    Successful Drywashing  #5282
    Vac-Pac Gold Vacuum

    FREE SHIPPING! Vac-Pac Gold Vacuum

    Gold Ore Gas Powered Super Vacuum

    FREE SHIPPING! Gold Ore Gas Powered Super Vacuum #5581

    12 Volt Canister Vacuum
    Vacuum Hose
    Vacuum Hose #5793
    Vacuum Adapter
    Plastic Vacuum Adapter #5794
    Crevice Tool
    Crevice Tool for Vacuum #5792
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    "Just a short note to let you know what a great job you did with my order. I ordered my fan late tuesday and by friday night I was installing it in my drywasher! Great job, great price, new customer for life! Thanks."                Perry B.