Gold Hog Mat

Gold Hog Brand Matting for Sluice Boxes

If you're looking for heavy-duty, gold-grabbing matting for the bottom of your sluice, many miners prefer the Gold Hog brand. This brand is sold in sections that are 36 inches wide and 6 inches long so you can cut and assemble the mat to the exact size you need. No matter which of the 5 varieties of mat you purchase, all Gold Hog mats interchange with common interlocking male and female ends. Please note that all Gold Hog mats and highbankers shown on this page are not actually sold by Gold Rush Trading Post. When you click on each item, you will be getting more information and purchasing directly from the manufacturer, Gold Hog.

5 different and highly effective Gold Hog mats to choose from:

  • The Gold Hog Under Riffle Mat is a multi-function "active" mat that constantly exchanges materials for heavier ones. It performs the best with water flows over 1,000 gph and is desgined to be an under riffle, under expanded metal sluicebox mat. It is made from extruded EPDM rubber and is heavy, durable, and this patent pending mat is able to withstand commercial sluice boxes in all temperatures.  Get more details here.


  • The Gold Hog Low Turbulence Scrubber Mat (a.k.a. the Wild Boar) is designed to help break up clay and dirt, releasing gold and heavy metals. This patent-pending mat is made from extruded EPDM rubber and is heavy, durable, and able to withstand commercial sluice boxes in all temperatures.  Click here for more information and videos.


  • The Gold Hog Medium Velocity Mat (a.k.a. the Razorback) is designed to work in a wider range of sluices, including stream sluices. It uses Micro Riffles to create low turbulent vortexes that do not throw fine gold back into faster moving upper currents. Get more details here.


  • The River Hog Mat is designed for dredges and commercial operations, although it also works great in a wide variety of equipment such as a mini highbanker. This mat has a very aggressive face pattern that uses a large riffle to cause traditional flow interruption vortexes. The drop chambers and the pre-ramp grooves catch gold even before it hits the riffle. Varying surfaces such as this is the key to great gold recovery!  Field Test video here.


  • The Bedrock Mat is new for 2013 and is a hybrid mat designed for higher water speeds, and has the ability to separate out even super fine gold down to -200 mesh material. Not recommended for slow water stream sluices because there is just not enough "energy" to get the proper exchange flowing. This mat should be used in addition with other Gold Hog brand mats  Learn more here.


Gold Hog Highbanker

Gold Hog Highbanker

This patent pending highbanker is made of .08 heavy duty aluminum and bridges the gap between recreational prospecting and commercial mining. It can move up to 2.5 TONS of material an hour, all auto classified to 1/4 inch. This unit is portable and weighs only 38 pounds when empty. Easy to use-- pour unclassified dirt into top feeder box and the melting tray allows the dirt and rocks to be washed, which creates a slurry mixture. They then fall and hit a kick plate that knocks them around and starts them down the chute. Under the header box is a quasi fluid bed capture zone with UR mat and special punch plate that captures gold before it even enters the system. All rocks comes off the tray very clean and washed. The skimming holes draw from the bottom up, removing the heavy material and discharging lights and larger rocks off the end. The key to this highbanker's success is that only material which is smaller than 3/8 inch enters the trays to be processed. Large rocks cannot interfere with riffles, vortexes, etc. All the material is then worked by 3 levels of trays that each contain a different matting or set up. The Gold Hog comes with everything except a pump and hose.   Get more details and order Gold Hog Highbanker here.


Monster Hog Highbanker

This portable monster of a highbanker is so good that it is GUARANTEED to capture 98% of gold down to 100 mesh, running up to 8 tons an hour with NO classifying (will handle rocks up to about 6 inches). When set up, it is 108 inches long and weighs 96 pounds (pump and hoses not included). Sluice is approximately 16 inches wide. When fully disassembled and nested, it is about 36 x 16.5 x 14 inches, which means it fits in the trunk of a regular passenger car.  No touch header box. Can be set up and ready to go in about 30 minutes. This unit creates a variety of gold capture zones, surfaces and holding areas because it uses 4 different Gold Hog brand mats in different configurations. This way your slurry/gold has MANY different chances of being recovered. If you're looking for a large, high production unit capable of moving a LOT of material FAST, then you want this highbanker! Learn more about the Monster Hog Highbanker and read owners manual here.


Gold Hog Mini Highbanker

Don't let the smaller size fool you -- the Excavator delivers HUGE production rates! Weighing only 17.5 pounds means this little workhorse can be packed in long distances. It comes with everything you need except 1.5 inch layflat hose and pump (will run on gas pump or electric; no classifying needed depending on pump used). Although the name says "mini" it is not considered an entry level unit. Since it is powerful enough to be used by commercial operations for field testing, as well as by very experienced prospectors, you won't outgrow this highbanker. Using Gold Hog brand mats for superior gold recovery, this dynamo outperforms most other mini bankers in its class. With a little know-how and extra parts, you can even convert this highbanker into a 1.5 inch sniping dredge. 8.25 inch wide x 36 inch long aluminum sluice box extension tray also available and sold separately. Watch Gold Hog Mini Highbanker video here.

miners moss

Gold Hog Miners Moss

Traditional miner's moss works well but is soft and spongy to the touch. Because of this lower density make up, it often will protrude through expanded metal and up behind riffles. This takes up space that vortexes are designed to create. To avoid this, the Gold Hog brand miner's moss has a much firmer feel that resists compressing down under riffles and expanded metal. Roughly .45 inches thick, it is the perfect depth. It is twice as strong as normal moss and is virtually indestructible. The Hog Moss also cleans up much easier and quicker. Order the Gold Hog brand of Miners Moss in the WIDTH that you want. All orders are 36 inches long. More details and Miners Moss photos here.