Gold Hog Mat

Gold Hog Brand Matting for Sluice Boxes

If you're looking for heavy-duty, gold-grabbing matting for the bottom of your sluice, many miners prefer the Gold Hog brand. This brand is sold in sections that are 36 inches wide and 6 inches long so you can cut and assemble the mat to the exact size you need. Every piece of equipment runs differently. Treat it all the same and you'll likely lose gold. Custom tuning is critical in top gold recovery. Whether you're running 100 yards an hour or running a stream sluice, there's a Gold Hog matting for you!

No matter which of these varieties of mat you purchase, all Gold Hog mats interchange with common interlocking male and female ends. Please note that all Gold Hog mats and highbankers shown on this page are not actually sold by Gold Rush Trading Post. When you click on each item, you will be getting more information and purchasing directly from the manufacturer, Gold Hog.

Many different and highly effective Gold Hog mats to choose from:

Talon Sluice Mat

The new Talon Sluice mat loves water flow and is a very aggressive mat that does not create high turbulence. It can be used in all highbankers and dredges, but should be combined with other mats for best results. It's MEAN and aggressive down low where you want it. Big gold, small gold, and fine flour gold just can't make it past this matting.  CLICK HERE.

DownDraft Mat

The DownDraft Mat has a broad spectrum of velocity capabilities. It can be used in everything from a stream sluice, highbankers and even mid sized dredges. This mat will amaze you on capturing fine gold. Best used in moderate flow rates. It's just not for small sluices; commercial operations are also using it with great success. CLICK HERE

New Yukon Mat

The new Yukon Mat is designed to be used under 4 pound or larger expanded metal. It is used to replace miners moss in large commercial mining operations. It saves cleanup time compared to having to clean out miners moss. CLICK HERE

Bedrock Mat

The Bedrock Mat is a hybrid mat designed for higher water speeds, and has the ability to separate out even super fine gold down to -200 mesh material. Not recommended for slow water stream sluices because there is just not enough "energy" to get the proper exchange flowing. This mat should be used in addition with other Gold Hog brand mats.  CLICK HERE

New Washer Mat

The new Washer Mat is not a sluice mat. It is a final cleanup matting that can convert a sluice into a super concentrator and help in the cleanup of your concentrates. CLICK HERE

Razorback Mat

The Razorback Mat is designed to work in a wider range of sluices, including stream sluices. It uses Micro Riffles to create low turbulent vortexes that do not throw fine gold back into faster moving upper currents. CLICK HERE

Little Hog UR Mat

The Little Hog Under Riffle Mat is a multi-function "active" mat that constantly exchanges materials for heavier ones. It performs the best with water flows over 1,000 gph and is desgined to be an under riffle, under expanded metal sluicebox mat. It is made from extruded EPDM rubber and is heavy, durable, and this patent pending mat is able to withstand commercial sluice boxes in all temperatures. CLICK HERE

RiverHog Mat

The RiverHog Mat is designed for dredges and commercial operations, although it also works great in a wide variety of equipment such as a mini highbanker. This mat has a very aggressive face pattern that uses a large riffle to cause traditional flow interruption vortexes. The drop chambers and the pre-ramp grooves catch gold even before it hits the riffle. Varying surfaces such as this is the key to great gold recovery! The River Hog mat was designed for deep water dredges but can also be trimmed lower for lower velocity sluices. This aggressive design is an amazing performer and can handle deep fast water.  CLICK HERE

Scrubber Mat

The  Scrubber Mat is a low turbulence but aggressive scrubbing mat.  It is designed to be used at the top of the sluice box to help break up clay and dirt, releasing gold and heavy metals. This patent-pending mat is made from extruded EPDM rubber and is heavy, durable, and able to withstand commercial sluice boxes in all temperatures. The scrubber sluice mat is a gentle lift and fall action mat with "teeth" for grabbing all sizes of gold. Great for all equipment. Combine with other mats and you'll be amazed at the results.  CLICK HERE

miners moss

Gold Hog Miners Moss

Traditional miner's moss works well but is soft and spongy to the touch. Because of this lower density make up, it often will protrude through expanded metal and up behind riffles. This takes up space that vortexes are designed to create. To avoid this, the Gold Hog brand miner's moss has a much firmer feel that resists compressing down under riffles and expanded metal. Roughly .45 inches thick, it is the perfect depth. It is twice as strong as normal moss and is virtually indestructible. The Hog Moss also cleans up much easier and quicker. Order the Gold Hog brand of Miners Moss in the WIDTH that you want. All orders are 36 inches long. More details and Miners Moss photos here.

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