Gold Melting Furnaces 

Looking for a high-powered, high quality, and highly efficient kiln designed to melt gold and silver? The RapidFire Pro-L (front loading ) and QuikMelt Pro and QuikMelt Pro DELUXE (top loading) tabletop kilns are not only affordable, but bring the latest technological innovation and functionality to more than just artists — now prospectors and miners can melt precious metals such as gold, silver, sterling silver, copper, aluminum, bronze, lead, and zinc right at home. Tabletop kilns have an 8-minute firing cycle, maximum achievable temperature of 2200 F (1205 C), and are available in various sizes. 

Prices start at just $379 with FREE SHIPPING!

If you have gold concentrates (tiny bits of gold mixed in with black sand or other material) you will need to mix your concentrates with a borax flux before using the furnace. Flux pulls out impurities. Mix one third flux with one third gold concentrates and place in crucible, leaving the other third to allow room for expansion and stirring. You can easily open the top of the QuickMeltPro furnace to stir during the smelting process. This will not slow down the melting or lower the temperature. After everything is melted to a "honey" consistency, pour into your graphite mold. Impurities in the flux will rise to the surface as it hardens. Your gold will form in a hunk at the bottom.

2200F Max Temperature!

Tabletop kilns are carefully engineered to maximize electrical input, resulting in extremely powerful, yet energy efficient functionality.
With a maximum achievable temperature of 2200 F (1205 C), the QuikMelt and RapidFire Pro kilns are capable of melting gold, silver, sterling silver, copper, aluminum, bronze, lead, and zinc!

8-minute firing cycle means more time working, less time waiting.

RapidHeat technology is composed of a precise length of resistance wire to pump out 1500 watts of maximum heating power.  From there, the resistance wire is custom coiled, re-stretched and embedded into  incredibly low thermal conductive ceramic insulation. This embedded element coil completely surrounds the firing chamber in two rows, maximizing the internal surface area being heated, therefore drastically reducing firing times.
Gemcolite Alumina Fiber Insulation is designed to support high temperatures and is dramatically lighter than ceramic bricks!

Gemcolite-Alumina Insulation is formed using a composition of alumina-silicate, alumina and mullite fibers and include both inorganic and organic binders for excellent handling strength and material integrity at high temperatures.  Gemcolite-Alumina is suitable for applications up to 3000 F (1650 C).
By incorporating Gemcolite-Alumina into the kiln designs, product weights are dramatically reduced without sacrificing performance.  At just 11 lbs, Tabletop kilns are some of the lightest in the industry.
80mm LED Cooling Fans show style and functionality.

Each kiln comes equipped with an 80mm LED cooling fan, which not only protects the unit's electrical components, but also helps to circulate air flow for added durability
Digital PID Temperature Controller means auto-tune control for precise heating/cooling.

QuikMelt and RapidFire table top kilns use Digital PID Temperature Controllers that are ideal for precise temperature control and include auto-tuning functionality, five types of control output methods, and two LED indicators for relay and control output indications. At just 48mm x 24mm x 75mm, these digital controllers are also small enough to minimize weight and surface area.
gold melting furnace