Mercury Free Gold Recovery from Black Sand Concentrates (DVD)

Mercury Free Gold Recovery
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Mercury Free Gold Recovery from Black Sand Concentrates (DVD) #6147
Got buckets of black sands setting around. Learn from expert Jeff Pickett on how to get the Gold out safely and efficiently. Jeff walks you through each step, explaining each process and how important it is to avoid the use of Mercury. This amazing 1 hour 27 minutes DVD is perfect for any recreational gold prospector.

Learn how to recover all your gold from black sand concentrates without the use of mercury. Watch previously unrecoverable fine gold values separate easily from heavy black sand concentrates with proven techniques developed by professional miner, Jeff Pickett. This DVD gives detailed step-by-step instructions, broken down into easy-to-follow fine gold recovery techniques including proper classification (screening) and panning techniques. These techniques use simple inexpensive equipment that all recreational gold prospectors should own.

The DVD is chapter marked for ease of use and comes with a detailed sheet showing chapters.
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