Pro Gold Trommel 

pro gold trommel

Did you see the Pro Gold Trommel on the Discovery channel's "Gold Rush Alaska" hit show? This patented (D31, 900) Gold Trommel is heavy duty, easy to maneuver, user-friendly (detailed owner's manual included) and can process 25-30 five gallon buckets in 1.5 hours! Ready to take your gold recovery to the next level? If you want to run more material and ultimately find more gold, step it up a notch with a trommel! Both the 10 inch trommel and the 14 nch trommel are extremely well-made and user-friendly — perfect for the modern day Gold Rush!

How the Pro Gold Trommel works: Material is placed into the hopper, where the first spray zone washes the material before entering the rotating drum. The second spray zone, inside the rotating drum, washes the material as it tumbles. The third spray zone, outside the rotating drum, keeps the drum clean and helps wash the material. This unique design ensures the material is washed from multiple angles as the drum rotates, allowing a 5-gallon bucket of material to be processed in 2-3 minutes.

As the material is washed and tumbled, the smaller pieces and dirt fall through the drum’s heavy steel screen into the funnel assembly. From there they are directed into the top end of the sluice where the gold is separated. The larger material still in the rotating drum is tumbled and washed for the entire length of the drum and dropped out the end onto the rock chute.

The minimum amount of water needed for the 14 inch is 145 gallons per minute, but the manufacturer recommends 190 so that you can adjust the flow down to your liking using the shut off valve on the trommel. A benefit of using a helix trommel is that the heavy material is brought up and out the top as opposed to possibly being washed away.

Move more material... get more gold!  Watch the videos at the bottom of this page to learn more and see the Pro Gold Trommel in action.

helix trommel
Each Pro Gold Trommel comes with a Pro Inline Screen. The 10 inch trommel comes with a 3" Pro Inline Screen and the 14 inch trommel comes with a 4" Pro Inline Screen.

The Pro Inline Screen captures the particles and vegetation in the water you are pumping to your machine and prevents them from plugging the holes in the spray bars of your equipment.

You just connect a discharge hose from the pump to the inlet end of the Inline Screen. The arrows on the body indicate the water flow direction. Then connect the second discharge hose to the outlet end of the Inline Screen, using additional hose as required to connect to the equipment you are running.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Pro Gold Trommel's filter.

Read the field test review of the 10 inch Pro Gold Trommel that appeared in the September/October 2014 issue of Gold Prospectors Magazine. Most trommels for small-scale mining are relatively bulky, expensive, and sometimes difficult to set up and use, but not the Pro Gold barrel trommel wash plant!

CLICK HERE to download a pdf.

Pro Gold 10 inch Trommel

10 inch Pro Gold Trommel - Choose Regular or Heavy Duty

Pro Gold 14 inch Trommel
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Pro Gold 14 Inch Trommel 40% OFF THRU 12/31/14 OR UNTIL STOCK IS DEPLETED!

10 inch Pro Gold Trommel  
190 lbs./ L. 64”- Ht. 40”- W. 31” at the wheels
2.5 hp gas HOR OHV, (electric available on request*)
Transmission: 1 speed belt to chain drive
Rotating drum: 10”dia., L. 32”
Sluice box: L. 34”- Ht. 4 ½”- W. 12”

14 inch Pro Gold Trommel   
265 lbs./ L. 72”- Ht. 44”- W. 32” at the wheels
2.5 hp gas HOR OHV, (electric available on request*)
Transmission: 1 speed belt to chain drive
Rotating drum: 14”dia., L. 38”
Sluice box: L. 48”- Ht. 4 ½”- W. 14”

* Option on motor type: Gas 2.5 hp OHV horizontal, Electric 110V .5hp, or Electric 12V 1/8hp.

Trommels do NOT come with a water pump or hoses. The manufacturer recommends at least an 80 GPM pump for the 10 inch trommel and a 190 GPM pump for the 14 inch trommel.  Click here to see pumps sold by other companies
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