QuikMelt Pro Gold Melting Furnace 

The QuikMelt Pro top loading kiln is very portable and works effectively with  gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc, and more.  With its ultra-light 10 lb compact design (6" x 6" x 12"), the QuikMelt Pro offers the best of functionality and portability. This furnace is designed with a lightweight, but extremely durable Gemcolite Alumina Fiber insert.  The composition of alumina-silicate, alumina and mullite fibers that include both inorganic and organic binders, are excellent for handling strength and material integrity at high temperatures.

The Quik Melt Pro Kiln comes with 1 pair of tongs and 1 graphite crucible. There is only one size of QuickMelt furnace, but you can select a smaller or larger crucible (4 sizes) that fits inside the furnace based on the amount of concentrates you want to process at one time. You choose the size crucible you need.  The base price of $379 includes a 10 oz crucible, but larger sizes are available for an additional charge -- add $20 to the base price for a 30 oz crucible instead of the 10 ounce, add $40 for 60 oz, add $60 for a 100 ounce. Want more than one size? You can also buy extra graphite crucibles to have on hand.  FREE SHIPPING!


-Outside Dimensions:  6"  x 6" x 12" (W x D x H)
-Product Weight:  10 Lbs
-Crucible Chamber:  10oz
-Max Heating Temp:  2200 F (1205 C) for all your metal working needs
-Power:  1500 W with standard 15 Amp circuit
-Coiled Type Resistance Wire
-Controller Type:  Digital

Do you have gold mixed with black sand or other impurities? Think in terms of thirds. Mix one third flux with one third gold concentrates and place in crucible. The other third is simply extra space in the crucible for expansion and stirring. You can easily open the top of the QuickMeltPro furnace to stir during the smelting process. This will not slow down the melting or lower the temperature. After everything is melted to a red hot "honey" consistency, pour into your graphite mold. Impurities in the flux will rise to the surface as it hardens. Your gold will form at the bottom.  Because it is top loading, the QuickMelt kiln is recommended for smelting gold, silver, etc. that you want to stir as it heats.

MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: All Tabletop kilns and furnaces include a 1-year limited warranty from manufacturer on electrical parts including digital temperature controller, power switch, and relays. Ceramic firing chambers, element coils, and thermocouples are covered for 3 months, excluding normal wear and tear. Melting crucibles and tongs are not included in the warranty.

gold melting furnace
QuickMelt Pro Furnace



Available in 4 sizes.