Rock Hounding 

It takes years and years for nature and its elements— dirt, rock, water, and sand— to smooth a rock's surface. But a rock tumbler can get you those same results in considerably less time. Whether you're just getting started in the hobby of lapidary, or you've been polishing rocks for decades, you'll find the rock tumbling equipment and accessories you need below.

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    Lortone 3 Pound Rotary Rock Tumbler Kit

    Lortone 3 Pound Rock Tumbler Kit #6439

    Lortone 3A Rotary Rock Tumbler

    OUT OF STOCK Lortone 3A Rotary Rock Tumbler #5090

    Lortone 33B Rotary Rock Tumbler

    Lortone 33B Rotary Rock Tumbler  #5091

    Lortone 45C Rotary Rock Tumbler
    Lortone 45C Rotary Rock Tumbler  #6377
    Lortone QT-6 Rotary Rock Tumbler
    Lortone QT-6 Rotary Rock Tumbler  #5093
    Lortone QT-66 Rotary Rock Tumbler

    Lortone QT-66 Rotary Rock Tumbler  #5046

    Lortone QT-12 Rotary Rock Tumbler
    Lortone QT-12 Rotary Rock Tumbler  #5105
    Thumbler's Rock Tumbler Kit

    Thumbler's Rock Tumbler Kit

    Item: 6448 Coin cleaning kit
    Rock & Mineral Sample Sets
    Rock & Mineral Sample Sets - 3 collections
    Hardness Sample Collection & Test Kit
    Hardness Sample Collection & Test Kit #3021
    Fluorescent Minerals Collection
    Fluorescent Minerals Collection #3022
    Light duty rock pick
    Light duty rock pick  #5141
    Long Handle 22 Ounce Rock Pick
    Rock Pick with Long Handle #5142
    Estwing Supreme Rock Pick

    Estwing Supreme Rock Pick, choose 14 oz. or 22 oz.

    Extra Long Estwing Rock Pick
    Extra Long Estwing Rock Pick  #5196
    Estwing Leather Handle Rock Pick
    Estwing Rock Pick with Leather Handle
    Detector Pick Holder

    Pick Holder

    Estwing Geo Paleo Pick
    Estwing Geo/Paleo Pick
    Item: 5198 Estwing Goggles

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    About Lortone 

    For over 50 years, serious lapidaries have considered LORTONE the standard for performance and durability. Located in Mukilteo, Washington, north of Seattle, LORTONE has a long history of producing high value, economical lapidary and jewelry equipment built to last for many years. Their tradition of using superior materials and workmanship continues, using proven designs, premium steel and quality construction.

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    Rockhounding for Kids 
    A lapidary is an artist or artisan who forms stone, mineral, and gemstones into decorative items. Lapidary is one of the most fun and educational hobbies you can introduce your children to. Getting your kids started on rock polishing helps get them on the road to a lifelong interest in nature and the world around them. Rock polishing is not only a learning experience— it also leads to a beautiful finished product that kids will be proud to show off.

    Imitation of nature. Rock tumblers are designed to imitate a natural process. Over time, as stones in the river or ocean get tossed around by the water and rolled against each other and against the sand, they lose their rough edges and become smooth and silky to the touch. Rock polishing recreates this natural process in a small machine that kids can operate themselves, teaching them about the nature of water and how the stones they see got to be the way they are.

    What lies beneath. Rocks and gemstones can also educate children on geography. When a rough, dull stone is put into a rock tumbler, the hidden colors and stripes in the stone are often brought to the surface. Kids can then learn all about how stones are formed over time and what makes up the landscape in their own backyards.

    A beautiful result.
    Introducing your children to the hobby of lapidary allows them to create a beautiful final product that they can use as jewelry or decoration in their rooms. Kids love polished rocks and will enjoy helping to create them. Want to get your children interested in science and the world around them? This is sure to do the trick!

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