Trommel Classifier 
trommel classifier
Are you prospecting in an area where you cannot use power equipment? Need quicker and better results than what plain old muscle power can provide? The more dirt you move in a day, the more gold you take home, right? How does one person processing 10-20 buckets of material in an hour sound? You can do it by using this Hand Operated Trommel Classifier!

HOW IT WORKS: Shovel your pay material into the unit as fast as you can (if you have the stamina). Place empty buckets under the machine and crank the trommel until the bucket fills, then replace it with another empty bucket. Easy for one person to use, or take it up a notch and work with two people at a time for production mining. If you work with a buddy, you can get some real production work done at your claim! Work material dry or wet with great results.

  • 1/2" PVC spray bars on four sides.
  • Standard garden hose fitting for the water connection (1200 gph water pump needed).
  • Use this trommel wet or dry.
  • 10" x 21" x 16 gage steel barrel with 1/4" round holes (1/8" and 1/2" on request).
  • 1"x 1/2" x .06" tubular steel  frame.
  • Stands 32" tall
  • Shipping weight 35 lbs.
  • Heavy duty cast iron pillow block bearings
  • The trommel has a 3" x 4" opening in bottom of the unit.
  • Simple in design and to use.
  • This unit is built with heavy duty pillow block bearings with grease fittings for long life in the field.
  • The use of this unit will provide you with an increase of 20 to 1 on your classified materials at the end of the day.
  • Set this unit up in the river right over your sluice box and you can even meter the amount of material feeding into your sluice.
  • One person shovels into the unit and the other person hand cranks the unit and monitors the buckets being filled, or one person can easily do it alone.

See photos and watch video at bottom of the page to see this Trommel Classifier in action! Video shows the use of a 750 gph water pump, the smallest that is recommended for good results.

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Photos of the Trommel Classifier