Woodman's Pal 

You'll wonder how you ever did without the Woodman's Pal machete! Whether you're trimming, pruning, removing unwanted brush, blazing a trail, building a duck blind, or using it for camp chores, the Woodsman's Pal machete will get the job done with the powerful cutting performance of an axe and machete rolled into a single tool! Cheap imitation brands of machete knives may get the job done, but with far more effort and a much shorter life span. Count on the Woodman’s Pal for versatility, durability, and a variety of added features that only this American-made tool will provide for years to come. Includes a manufacturer's lifetime warranty! Choose from 3 different machetes and 3 different sheath styles— mix and match tools with sheaths, order just a single tool, or get a 3-piece set with a honing stone (best value). Lots of choices!

Compared to other brands in a real-life test run, Woodman’s Pal performed better in every situation. Given its blade flexion, thickness, and angle, this tool cut wood and branches in half the amount of time and effort of competitors. The soft leather handle on the Premium model and sturdy build also attribute to this knife’s superior quality. Read about the history and crafting of the Woodman's Pal here.   

3 sizes of Woodman's Pal Machetes to choose from,
includes lifetime warranty from the manufacturer!
Woodsman's Pal: Throughout six decades of modern marvels, one thing has remained consistent, steady, reliable and enduring: the Woodman's Pal 
By Cameron Hopkins - American Hunter Magazine

Neil Armstrong, microwave ovens, President Eisenhower, color TV and the Internet: Throughout six decades of modern marvels, one thing has remained consistent, steady, reliable and enduring: the Woodman's Pal. It's a uniquely shaped axe-and-machete combined in one utility tool, and it's still handmade in Pennsylvania with the same quality and traditional craftsmanship as when it was known in 1941 as the LC14-B Jungle Fighting Knife, issued to Marines and other GIs in the Pacific Theater.

Pro Tool Industries still crafts the Woodman's Pal with the same 23-step operation. Second-generation workers carry on traditions handed to them by their fathers. Each blade is hand-sharpened and, at the end of the line, an American flag emblem is affixed to the shipping box.

The Woodsman's Pal (sometimes misspelled Woodsman Pal) is an amazing tool, and not just because it's unchanged since hacking its way through palm fronds on Guadalcanal. Just as the Marines found on Iwo Jima and Tarawa, the Woodman's Pal has a natural-feeling heft with the blade-heavy balance that makes chopping, brush-clearing and general camp maintenance an easy job.

While my experience around a campsite with the Woodman's Pal is considerably more prosaic than that of one PFC Henry Luke who wrote a letter to the factory in 1944 from the Pacific stating, "Besides my rifle and my compass, it is my most valued possession and I cannot see how I could get along without it," I found the tool to be a handy replacement for a camp shovel, firewood axe and machete for clearing brush.

Perhaps not realizing how "retro" would one day become cool, the factory refers to the original LC14-B Jungle Fighting Knife as the Woodman's Pal Premium with its knuckle guard and leather-wrapped handle. The standard Woodsman's Pal comes without the hand guard and a hand-polished ash handle. Both come with high-carbon manganese tool steel blades hardened to Rockwell C47, which gives both strength and flexibility.

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"Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent service. The Woodsman's Pal I ordered arrived much earlier than expected and it's perfect. I'll definitely recommend your store to friends and family."    —Scarlett S.

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