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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector - Quick Draw II
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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector


Packed with powerful features like an advanced computer circuit for superior discrimination and control, this Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II Metal Detector takes metal exploration to new heights. The device sorts recent trash from historical treasure with 3-level iron discrimination and identifies coin-size objects up to 8" underground and larger items up to 3' deep. Includes LCD display with depth readout, 3-tone audio discrimination and 9-segment visual target identification. Made in USA.

Whether sweeping the searchcoil ultra fast or ultra slow, the Quick Draw II will detect targets with tremendous accuracy. Download Owner's Manual here.


  • Digital coin depth indicator tells you how deep to dig
  • Three level iron discrimination for relic hunting
  • Nine segment digital target identification and three tone audio feedback
  • Designed for coin shooting, relic hunting and general purpose hunting
  • All-metal detection finds all types of metal from nails to valuable treasure
  • Discrimination mode eliminates unwanted objects
  • Notch mode eliminates medium tone trash items while still detecting valuable low and high tone metals
  • Auto-notch mode automatically rejects iron and most pull tabs and still retains valuable metals
  • Nine-segment digital identification and three-tone audio feedback classifies metal types
  • Accurate depth indicator for coin-sized objects, indicates depth of target
  • Max Coin Detection Depth: 8"
  • Coil Diameter: 8"
  • Total Weigh: 3.5 lbs
  • Batteries not included-- requires 2 alkaline 9 volt

Customer testimonials:

"I did a lot of searching and review reading on the internet before finally deciding what to buy. I am convinced Quick Draw II is THE best value available of any make by any conpany. The features on the QDII are generally found only on much higher priced detectors. This thing really works as advertised. I have already found several coins and other things right in my own yard. It will reliably indicate what coin is being detected although it many times confuses dimes and pennies on the LCD readout. It is very sensitive and detects most coin size items very reliably to about 6 or 8 inches. The auto notch discrimination works well and filters out most trash items. I have used metal detectors that ended up being aggravating and frustrating. This one is a pleasure to use and is quickly becoming a relaxing and profitable pastime for me. If you want a serious metal detector without spending a whole lot of money give it a try... you won't be disappointed."

"Great detector for around the home. After learning how to use it I went outside and low and behold I found a quarter, a dime, a nickle, and 2 pennies (one was a 1950). I bought this to basically find my property stakes which are buried about 4 inches under ground. Found them all! Someday I will go to the beach and see if any tourist lost anything of value."

"Bought this to use a few times a year, mainly when we go on vacation to the beach. I had to read the manual and it took some use to get the hang of the different settings. But it works very well; the discriminator and depth/object indicator works well and is pretty accurate. It allows you to bypass junk and only dig up wanted items. I have found some jewelry and many coins (no old ones) with it. I am by no means a serious metal detector person, but this is perfect for the casual user."

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