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Garrett ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special

Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector
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Garrett ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special FREE SHIPPING!


Garrett is celebrating its 55 year anniversary by offering this special package that includes:

  • Ace 400 Metal Detector
  • Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer:  Pinpointer details here
  • Garrett Keepers Treasure Box
  • Vaughan Garrett’s full-color Favorite Finds Book: Gold. Silver. Jewelry. Ancient artifacts. Most people who take to the field with a metal detector are in search of “bucket list” items. Vaughan Garrett, son of the founders of Garrett Metal Detectors, has spent the past decade reviewing tens of thousands of photos sent in by his company’s loyal customers as part of a monthly “Favorite Finds” contest. Filled with color photos, this book celebrates hundreds of the customer submissions in the past ten years—those chosen by Vaughan as his monthly favorites, and many others that he found to be equally impressive. Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Finds is proof that great things await those who venture forth into our great outdoors to pursue the rewarding sport of metal detecting. Armed with a metal detector and a sense of adventure, your next sweep of the searchcoil might just pinpoint one of Vaughan’s next favorite finds!

The king of ACEs, the ACE 400 includes advanced features like Iron Audio, Digital Target ID, and Frequency Adjust to help you dig more treasure and less trash! The ACE 400 metal detector features the Iron Audio feature made popular on Garrett’s AT Pro and AT Gold detectors. Iron Audio allows you to hear discriminated iron and to alter the detector’s mid-tone signal range. This also helps you hear the iron content in flat steel objects like bottle caps and washers that sometimes trick a detector into reporting them as good targets. The ACE 400 includes a higher, 10 kHz frequency to provide better sensitivity to low and medium conductivity targets, such as gold and lead. The detector’s Frequency Adjust feature allows users to easily toggle between slight frequency shifts to help eliminate interference from other detectors or power sources. This unit ships with an 8.5” x 11” DD-configuration PROformance searchcoil that has proven to be very popular. The ACE 400 includes five discrimination modes, electronic pinpointing, sensitivity adjustment, and High-Resolution Iron Discrimination. This model is highly recommended for Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Competition Events, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting; it is also recommended for Cache Hunting, Prospecting, and Ghost Town Hunting.

Features of the ACE 400 detector:

  • Iron Audio: allows user to hear discriminated iron targets and to alter the mid-tone signal range.
  • Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 scale offers target information
  • Higher frequency (10 kHz) provides better sensitivity on low and medium-conductivity targets (i.e. gold, lead)
  • Adjustable Frequency to help eliminate interference
  • Camlocks for better stem stability
  • Pulse-Width Modulation audio: sharper, more responsive audio
  • 8.5" x 11" PROformance™ submersible DD searchcoil offers excellent coverage, depth
  • Enhanced Iron Resolution to help separate good targets from adjacent junk iron
  • Electronic Pinpointing: precisely locates targets and speeds recovery
  • Notch Discrimination: Modify discrimination patterns based on what you are seeking.
  • Five Search Modes (plus Pinpoint)
  • Eight (8) Sensitivity/Depth adjustments
  • Coin Depth Indicator determines target depth
  • Expanded Target ID legend: includes indication of U.S. coin denominations
  • Download Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector Owner's Manual


Digital Target ID YES, 0-99 scale
Iron Audio feature YES
Adjustable Frequency YES
Camlocks Included YES
Target ID Cursor Segments 12
Iron Discrimination Segments 4
Notch Discrimination YES
Search Modes 5 (plus Pinpoint)
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments 8
Electronic Pinpointing YES
Frequency 10 kHz
Audio Tone ID Levels 3
Standard Searchcoil 8.5" x 11" DD PROformance™
Length (Adjustable) 42" to 51" (1.06m - 1.29m)
Total Weight 2.9 lbs. (1.32 kgs.)
Batteries 4 AA (included)
Warranty 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

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