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Garrett ATX Metal Detector Deepseeker Pack

Garrett AT Gold Detector
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Garrett ATX Metal Detector Deepseeker Pack #1140820 - FREE SHIPPING!


Garrett's pulse induction ATX metal detector is the ultimate multi-frequency detector for all terrains and extreme conditions (highly mineralized ground, saltwater, etc.). It features advanced pulse induction technology, a durable design that meets military specifications, and the advanced 20 inch Deepseeker mono searchcoil is ideal for searching for caches and other deeply buried large objects. The ATX is waterproof to 10 feet, and ground balances to saltwater without requiring a special mode or use of discrimination!  The ATX detector is highly recommended  for Gold Prospecting, Deeply Buried Cache Hunting, Relic Hunting, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting, and Surf Hunting. Is also good for Jewelry Hunting, Coin Hunting and Ghost Town Hunting.

Garrett ATX Metal Detector Deepseeker Specs:

  • Circuit Type: Advanced Pulse Induction
  • Discrimination: Adjustable, 25 settings
  • Search Modes: Motion and Non-Motion
  • Ground Balance Range: From ferrous ground (ironstone) to saltwater
  • Audio Threshold: Yes, adjustable
  • Detection Frequency: 730 pulses per second
  • Submersion Depth: 10 feet
  • Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments: 13
  • Electronic Pinpointing: Yes
  • True All Metal Mode detects all types of metal and provides the greatest possible detection depth and sensitivity
  • Fast Track Ground Balance - automatic feature that allows the user to quickly ground balance the detector in mineralized soil conditions
  • Adjustable Threshold -user can manually adjust the audio threshold (the constant background “hum”) to better hear targets
  • Electronic Pinpointing - non-motion All-Metal Mode function is used to precisely locate a detected target’s position
  • Ground Track (Automatic) -d etector continually measures ground mineralization and automatically adjusts itself for optimum performance
  • Iron Check allows user to audibly identify iron targets when using a DD searchcoil
  • All Terrain - designed for use in wet, humid and dusty environments; can be submerged in water to 10-foot depth
  • Length: Adjustable length 20 inches - 68 inches
  • Weight: 6.9 pounds including batteries
  • Warranty: 2 year limited parts and labor from Garrett
  • Download Garrett ATX Deepseeker owners manual here

Garrett's ATX Deepseeker Package SHIPS FREE in the continental USA and includes:

  • Choose your coil from drop down menu - all same price
  • Extra 15 x 20 inch Deepseeker Mono Searchcoil for locating larger and more deeply buried objects--  includes surface debris elimination
  • Garrett MS-2 land headphones
  • Soft storage/travel case
  • Military-grade Garrett hard case
  • Garrett Detector Sling
  • AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries
  • DVD and manual

Download the field test review here (.pdf) that appeared in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Gold Prospectors Magazine.

PI (pulse induction) detectors work a bit differently than the more common VLF (very low frequency) detectors by putting magnetic field energy into the ground and then switching off and waiting a short period before they start to look for a response. This makes them better at handling ground mineralization than a VLF detector because during that short delay the magnetic response of iron trash minerals that you don't want to find dies out. VLF detectors do not as easily cancel out ground mineralization the way a PI metal detector can do. The most popular use for a PI machine is detecting on the beach. Saltwater in sand gives many machines real problems with stability. The ATX performs well, and is stable in challenging conditions. The Garrett ATX is an impressive machine, extremely well built. It folds down to easily fit in a backpack.

If you don't need the Deepseeker Pack, click here for Garrett ATX Basic Pack instead.

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