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Garrett Infinium Land and Sea Metal Detector

Garrett Infinium Land and Sea Metal Detector
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FREE SHIPPING! Garrett Infinium L/S Metal Detector with Headphones


The Infinium Land and Sea metal detector penetrates highly mineralized ground and has been proven in every ocean! This machine uses advanced pulse induction technology and has near-neutral buoyancy. With its discrimination dial for All-Metal hunting, the Garrett Infinium Land and Sea is ideal for seeking treasure in the surf or at depths of 200 feet.

So whether you're looking for gold in Australia or Arizona, or searching volcanic rockslides in the Pacific Northwest or hunting the black-sand beaches along Italy's coast, the waterproof design of the Infinium L/S ("L" for land, "S" for sea) makes it the first metal detector highly recommended for both land detecting and underwater diving.

* All Metal Deepseeking Mode
* Audio Threshold, Adjustable
* Audio Tone ID
* Discrimination, Full Range (PI)
* Frequency, Adjustable
* Ground Balance, Automatic Ground Tracking
* Hip Mount Control Box
* Microprocessor Controlled
* Salt Elimination Mode (PI)
* Surface Mount PC Board Technology

* Length: 28" to 52" - Adjustable
* Weight: 3.8 lbs. (1.7 kgs.)
* Circuit type: Advanced Pulse Induction technology, automatic cancellation of salt/ground mineralization
* Multiple Frequency Technology - 96 Frequencies
* Detection Frequency: 730 pulses per second, adjustable
* Submersion depth: Up to 200 feet (65 meters)
* Buoyancy: Near neutral
* Batteries: 8 AA
* Control housing weight: 31 oz.
* Headphones INCLUDED: 16 oz.

Search Modes:
* Non-Motion All Metal with Adjustable PI discrimination

* Ground Tracking Speed
* Discrimination
* Threshold
* Volume Control on Land Headphones
* Detection Frequency

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