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Gold Claw Kit

Gold Claw pan
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Gold Claw panning kit


The Gold Claw pan is a true gold panning break through! The average person spends 5-10 minutes panning one pan full of material. The Gold Claw pan takes less than 30 seconds! The beginning gold panner is often unaware of the many common pitfalls an experienced panner naturally knows to avoid. But this revolutionary NEW gold pan makes it easier than ever to get to the gold without technical training or experience. Pan measures 12 inches wide x 10 inches tall x 2.75 inches deep. Made in the USA from rugged Tritan plastic.

When you purchase a Gold Claw pan, you also get: 2 oz snuffer bottle to suck up your gold, a small empty vial, and also a separate vial of practice paydirt containing REAL GOLD!  Improve your panning skills with the Gold Claw!

See Gold Claw in action here. Watch videos and learn more about this amazing new gold panning break through!

Kevin Hoagland, Executive Director of Development for Gold Prospector's Association of America, had this to say about the Gold Claw in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of Gold Prospectors magazine (page 42): "Gold Claw burst onto the prospecting stage last year and has enjoyed great reviews ever since. The Gold Claw is a welcome addition to the world of gold prospecting for the simple reason that Gold Claw founder Klint Washburn designed a uniquely-shaped pan that works. The Gold Claw doesn't have a lot of fancy bumps, sides, grooves, and other sometimes unnecessary this and that, which has become almost cliche. The Gold Claw and the special panning methods used to master the Gold Claw is different and outside the comfort zone of what most of us old miners have become accustomed. After the initial shock of its design, and the typical 'where's the rest of it?' reaction, we find that it is a serious pan that everyone should have in their gear box. Gold Claw pans use a distinctly different design which makes the tool suited for a variety of uses, one of which is my favorite: dry panning. There is an art to dry panning and hours of practice must go into perfecting your art for success. Well, at least it used to! The Gold Claw for dry panning is fast, and more importantly, extremely efficient. It's the most efficient pan I have used to date. The great thing about the Gold Claw is that it's even more effecient as a wet pan that it is a dry pan. After getting over the initial surprise of how it looks, in very short order your favorite prospector will be catching gold that used to go in the tailings pile on the first pass."

Want to learn more about Klint Washburn and Ken Snyder, inventors of the Gold Claw pan? Download .pdf from Nov/Dec 2018 Gold Prospectors magazine.

Available in several colors or transparent (clear). Use drop down menu to choose pan color. For every purple pan sold, Gold Claw donates $1 to the Purple Heart Foundation that helps vets in need.

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