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Gold Miner Spiral Gold Panning Machine

Gold Miner Spiral Panner

OUT OF STOCK  Gold Miner Spiral Panner #5158


The legendary Gold Miner Spiral Gold Panning Machine has been a prospector's favorite since 1994. This unit is loaded with features to make your panning experience not only fun, but potentially profitable because the Gold Miner will get the smallest speck of gold out of even the most stubborn black sands! Each GOLD MINER comes with: 12" spiral wheel, pump and spray bar assembly, catch cup for gold, drive unit with frame, tailings container, pump filter, carrying case with cover, and instructions. Just connect your 12 volt DC power source or battery (NOT INCLUDED) and you are ready to prospect!

Take your Gold Miner spiral panning system anywhere! Weighs about 10 pounds-- including the self-contained carrying case. Dimensions of the carrying case are 20 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 13 inches high. The spiral pan is 12 inches in diameter. All components are designed for rugged outdoor use with no lubrication or maintenance. Runs on 12 volts DC. Built-in agitators vibrate concentrates to settle gold. Can decreases processing time by 25%.

Special features of the Gold Miner Spiral Gold Panning Machine:

• "Micro adjuster" for fine tuning the pan angle, even while it's running, which is a real time saver! The micro-adjuster installs in less than a minute. It makes the pan angle a breeze and also secures the angle. Great for fine tuning the flour gold out of black sand. A simple add on, but rugged, won't strip out, and will last for years.

• 7 spiral lead running at approximately 12 revolutions per minute, optimized for the highest recovery rate. Half inch recess at the beginning of each spiral rolls (agitates) your concentrates to settle the gold into the spirals quicker. Gold then spirals up to the center of the pan and drops into a catch cup on the back, cleanly separating the gold from the black sand. No need to hand "splash" the black sand out of a center disk like you must do on some of the more expensive machines.
• Comes with an injection molded pan with DEEP and SHARP spirals

• Quarter inch drop where each of the 7 leads hit the outside of the bowl— Gold Miner is the only spiral wheel with this gold grabbing feature
• Delrin bushings for years of care-free use
• 4 vent holes in case will help dissipate condensation caused by overlooked moisture when the Gold Miner is stored away.
• Highly efficient motor for longer battery life
• Weighs about 10 pounds
• Rugged direct drive gear box and pan are molded out of thick ABS plastic for years of durability
• Angle template provided to take the guess work out of setting your starting pan pitch
• Heavy duty Rubbermaid Action Packer carrying case with lid
• Spray bar system with rugged 500 GPH Mayfair pump; water volume from the spray bar is adjustable to accurately remove the black sand and leave you with clean gold
• Recirculates 3 gallons of water for all day use
• 500 GPH re-circulating pump capable of processing an average of 60 pounds of concentrate per hour
• Very simple to use; sets up in minutes and folds up and stores in carrying case.
• 5 year manufacturer warranty

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