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Gold Monster 1000

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Minelab Gold Monster Metal Detector Package  #3317-0001 FREE SHIPPING!


The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 has replaced the Eureka Gold. It's less expensive, includes two waterproof Double D coils, splash-proof control box, and offers advanced technology. This easy-to-use, high performance detector features fully automatic operation and comes with battery options and shaft configurations, too. If you're looking for super sensitive gold performance at a great price, then this is the detector you've been waiting for! Here's what you get-- everything needed to go detecting: control box, arm cuff, 3 piece shaft assembly, 2 waterproof coils (5-inch round and 10-inch elliptical), rechargeable battery, 8AA battery holder, wall charger, clip type battery cable charger, accessory parts for attaching the coils to other shafts, headphones, digging tool and Quick Start Guide. The GOLD MONSTER 1000 turns beginners into experts!

Up until now, there has always been a compromise between frequency and sensitivity when optimizing detector performance, because lower frequencies are more sensitive to larger gold nuggets and higher frequencies are more sensitive to smaller gold nuggets. An 18 kHz detector will normally have a depth advantage on nuggets ≥ 1.0g over a basic mid-frequency detector, and a 71 kHz detector will have a depth advantage on nuggets ≤ 0.1g. The advanced GOLD MONSTER 1000 uses an intermediate 45 kHz frequency AND a high speed 24-bit signal processor. This primary combination greatly boosts sensitivity to gold beyond that of other single frequency VLF detectors over a wide range of nugget sizes, without introducing excess noise and false signals.

The GOLD MONSTER 1000 also has improved ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination and copes better with conductive (salty) soils than higher frequency detectors, making it the perfect choice to maximise your gold recovery!


  • Fully automatic operation 
  • Extra sensitive 45 kHz VLF performance 
  • Highly adaptable with wide ground coverage
  • 2 waterproof Double D search coils included 
  • Easy quick start 


  • Key Technology: Ultra-wide dynamic range 45kHz VLF
  • Detect Modes: Gold (Iron reject), Deep All-Metal
  • Discrimination: Gold Chance Indicator (high/low)
  • Ground Balance: Automatic (Easy-Trak)
  • Noise Cancel: Automatic (On start-up)
  • Sensitivity Adjust: Manual (1–10), Auto (11), Auto+ (12)
  • Volume Adjust: Adjust to suit your hearing, with 6 volume levels
  • Visual Display: Monochrome LCD
  • Detector Length: 54.4"–37.2" inches
  • Detector Weight (with 10" × 6" coil): 2.94 pounds (excluding battery)
  • Audio Output: Internal speaker or headphones 1/8"
  • Coils (standard): GM 10 (10" x 6" Double-D), GM 05 (5" Double‑D).  The 10" x 6" Double-D is a great coil for wide open space detecting. Achieve good depth and cover more ground with this elliptical Double-D coil. The 5" Double‑D is an ideal coil for detecting in confined spaces.
  • Waterproof/Splashproof: Coils waterproof to 3 feet, Control box is rain/splash-proof
  • Battery options: Li-Ion (included), 8 × AA Batteries (not included)
  • Warranty from Minelabe: 2 years control box and coil

Kevin Hoagland is the Executive Director of Development for the Gold Prospectors Association of America and LDMA. Read his field test of the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 here.

What a field tester from Nevada had to say: “I was able to find 9 small gold flakes so easily that it was a bit surprising! Total weight of all 9 was 7.8 grains. None were deep, maybe 1.5 inches at most, but just enough to be just out of reach of the SDC and too small for the GPZ.”

Comments from an Australian user: "Unlike the GP-X/Z range of detectors, there is no hum of the threshold, just silence, and when it detects a piece of metallic rubbish when the machine is set to descriminate, unlike the the GP series of detectors with a DD that "blanks" out the middle of the signal, the Gold Monster completely removes any audible signal that rubbish (tin etc) has been detected. You still get a visual on the screen indicating you have walked over a bit of rubbish but no annoying booming signal blasting your ears every 10 seconds. There is a little indicator on the screen which shows a scale with "unlikely gold" & "likely gold" at either end. This is what shows you that a target has been found as well as a signal and although aluminum and lead will show as "likely gold," 90% of rubbish targets will be removed by the descriminate feature on this machine -- making it perfect to clear out those rubbishy areas that are avoided like the plague!"

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