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Gold Nuggets #10

gold for sale by gram
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1 gram of #10 mesh nuggets


Buy beautiful natural gold nuggets by the gram! Photo is representative of the typical size of #10 mesh nuggets. Number of grams you purchase determines how many individual pieces of gold you will receive. Just type the number of grams you want into the quantity box.

Price is per gram NOT per nugget. There are 31.1 grams per troy ounce of gold. Prices are subject to change without notice as the price of gold fluctuates.

Each gold nugget is completely natural and unique, so sizing will vary. Some nuggets are flatter and lighter or chunkier and more dense than others. These natural features of gold make it difficult to state exactly how many pieces of gold there are in a gram because the weight of each nugget varies quite a bit.

You pay for a certain quantity of grams and that weight is exactly what you will get. You never know how many pieces you will get in your gram(s), but you are GUARANTEED to get the quantity of grams you buy. In general, you can expect around 2-4 pieces of gold if you buy 1 gram of 6 mesh gold, 7-12 pieces if you buy a gram of 8 mesh gold, around 15-20 pieces if you buy a gram of 10 mesh gold, and around 20-25 pieces if you buy a gram of 12 mesh gold.  Every batch is very different and each piece of gold is natural and of course unique in size and shape.

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