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High Bank Attachment for 12 inch Gold Well Vortex Sluice

High Bank Attachment for 12 inch Gold Well Vortex Sluice

12" Highbanker Attachment


This Highbanker Attachment for the 12" Gold Well Vortex Sluice is a great for those wanting more versatility. This unit helps to clean and classify materials down to a smaller size before running into the sluice. Easy to take on and off, this unit has the option of mounting the 12 inch Waterfall Head attachment onto the top.  The 12 inch highbanker is attached via an attachment box which has holes in it for attachment to the sluice -- simply slip the attachment box over the sluice and insert the quick release pins.

The classifier screen is removed simply by loosening the screws at the front of the classifier screen (you do not have to remove the screws.)  The screen is spring loaded.  Pick the classifier screen up in the front so that the 1/2” lip is free and pull toward the front, releasing the tension on the spring, then simply lower the back a bit and unhook the screen.  To re-install it reverse the procedure.

This high banerk attachment is made from 18 gauge stainless steel (drop pan and classifier screens) and aluminum for an unbeatable combination of light weight and versatility that ensures a long service life.  Designed to attach easily with just two quick disconnect stainless steel ball type locking pins, this unit also comes with interchangeable perforated stainless steel classifier screens to suit your particular needs in 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch.  This unit requires the use of the waterfall head to supply proper water flow to properly wash down the raw materials (does NOT come with the "bare bones" 12" x 60" Gold well vortex sluice)

This unit can be mounted traditionally for rear facing discharge of large discard materials, or in a forward facing position for desert or re-circulation setups (includes side cast screen for large rock discard) if you are trying to conserve water.  It comes with its own quick change mounting adapter exactly the same as the waterfall head attachment.  Easily detached and set aside with the pull of the two pins at the end of the day for quick clean out.   

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