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Lortone Abrasive Grit Kit

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Lortone Grit Kit #1-0635


4 step quality grit kit from Lortone, an industry leader in rock tumblers for over 50 years. This kit will polish up to 14 lbs. of rock. 4 sealed containers, complete with instructions. Kit includes: 16 ounces of Step 1 coarse 60/90 silicon carbide grit, 14 ounces of Step 2 medium/fine 120/220 silicon carbide grit, 12 ounces Step 3 pre-polish aluminum oxide, and 12 ounces Step 4 ultra-fine aluminum oxide polish.

LORTONE is made in the USA and has a long history of producing high value, economical lapidary and jewelry equipment and accessories that are built to last for many years.

DID YOU KNOW? Research tells us that it was probably the Chinese who found a way to take the natural process of abrasion a step further, using water and sand. Their perfect spheres of rock crystal were made by chipping the quartz until ti formed a rough ball, then rolling the ball up and down a trough filled with water and sand until it was smooth. Progressively finer sand was used as the work advanced, sometimes over a period of years. The last polish would have been with finely ground garnet to eliminate scratches and provide a perfectly clear surface. Aren't you glad you can purchase rock tumbler polish and grit and accomplish this process in just a few weeks?!

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