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Mag-Torch Pencil Tip Torches for Kwik Kilns - Pair (2)


OUT OF STOCK Mag-Torch Pencil Tip Torches for Kwik Kilns - Pair (2)


Mag-Torch MT200 Propane Pencil Flame Burner Torches. Highly recommended by the manufacturer as the ideal torches for use with the Kwik Kiln Deluxe Melting Kit.


  • Orifice and head are larger
  • Easier to use, puts out more heat
  • Reaches melting temperature in 10 minutes without over-firing.
  • Able to turn it up higher without pencil flame protruding into combustion chamber
  • Less grooving of the graphite crucible
  • Easier to regulate
  • Flame is more stable; can set canister down after lighting without having to re-adjust flame.
  • Made of all solid brass
  • Made in USA  

Note from Kwik Kiln manufacturer regarding crucible erosion:

External crucible erosion is directly related to the flame from the torches contacting the exterior surface of the graphite crucibles used in the Kwik Kilns. The graphite crucibles are slowly consumed during the process. That is what causes the reduced oxygen environment. However. if the torches are turned up too high, the blue pencil tip portion of the flame will cut grooves into the exterior of the crucible, causing premature failure of the crucible.  The following procedures will help to eliminate exterior crucible erosion:

  • Align the torches with the ports in the kiln and place the tip of them just inside of the stainless steel shell, approximately .25 inch.
  • Remove one of the torches and light it. Adjust the flame to where the center blue pencil flame is approximately 1” to 1.25 inch. Lay the torch on its side and insert the torch into the port. With the lid and spacer removed, adjust the flame so that the tip of the blue flame penetrates inside of the kiln approximately .25 to .5 inch.
  • Open the valve on the other torch and adjust the flame as described, so that both flames are equal. Place the spacer onto the kiln and let the kiln warm up for a few minutes without the lid in place. When the kiln gets hot, the blue torch flames seem to recede into the ports as the torches stabilize. Once the kiln is hot, the combustion taking place inside the kiln is much more efficient than when the kiln is cold and you can then re-adjust the flame until the blue pencil tip of the flame is penetrating into the kiln approximately .25 to .5 inch.

Following the procedures described above will help to eliminate the exterior crucible erosion and the kiln will ultimately reach the temperatures needed for melting. You can also rotate the crucible so that any grooving is not placed into the path of the flames entering the kiln, as well. Observing the interior of the Kwik Kiln and the flames in the daylight is difficult. However, if you take your Kwik Kiln outside at night, it’s easy to see what is going on inside of it. Carefully monitor your crucibles exterior as you use them. With proper adjustment of the torches, you may get a crucible to last 20 pours.

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