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Raytech TV-5 Vibrating Rock Tumbler

Raytech TV-5 Vibrating Rock Tumbler
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Raytech TV-5 Vibrating Rock Tumbler


Thousands of satisfied customers testify to the durability and simplicity of the Raytech TV-5 Vibrating Rock Tumbler! This is one of the most popular vibrating tumblers, and is truly a hobbyist favorite. The Raytech Tumble-Vibe TV-5 Vibrating Rock Tumbler has an 8-inch diameter bowl that can process about 4 pounds of stones or jewelry quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the newly redesigned solid-lid for extra reliability. Raytech tumblers are backed by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and:

  • Economical and versatile
  • Holds 4 lb. of rock or 25 ring castings
  • Cyclonic effect moves objects throughout bowl
  • Bowl diam. 8 inches
  • New, convenient, solid lid
  • Efficient 115V motor

It is not recommend that you use anything coarser than 120/220 in a vibratory tumbler.

NOTE: A vibrating rock tumbler doesn't actually "tumble" the rock. Instead, the cylinder that holds the rocks vibrates - creating friction between the rocks and the grit material. Because the rocks are moving less, they are polished much more quickly than with a rotary rock tumbler, usually within 7-10 days. A vibrating tumbler polishes, but does not change the shape of your stones. Some rock hounds consider this to be an advantage because it's easy to create beautiful, variegated polished stones with natural shapes. Vibrating tumblers use less grit and polish, meaning you'll save money, especially if you're tumbling a lot of rocks. But they can also be noisier to operate, and they do require more constant maintenance since the grit must be changed approximately every 12 hours.

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