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Starter Kwik Kiln Melting Kit

Deluxe Microwave Gold Smelting Kiln Kit
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Starter Mini Kwik Kiln Melting Kit - kiln for melting gold, silver, copper


Looking for a small and portable kiln that can melt up to an ounce of clean placer gold out in the field or at home? This affordable Starter Mini Kwik Kiln Melting Kit is a portable propane-fired kiln designed to do just that. Melt 1 to 5 oz of gold or scrap metals (1 to 3 ounces capacity for silver) - take it to the field with you and melt placer gold!  Scroll down to read an excerpt from the field test review that appears in Gold Prospector Magazine.

Starter Mini Kwik Kiln Melting Kit includes:

  • Kiln that is 4 inch OD x 4 inch tall
  • One graphite 2 oz gold mold (1 oz silver or copper)
  • Two NAC-500 mini graphite crucibles -- 1.5" OD x 1.75" tall -- holds up to 6 oz. gold or 3 oz silver or copper
  • 8 inch crucible tongs
  • 3 ounces of melting flux = Anhydrous Borax, Soda Ash, and Silica Sand
  • Melting instructions
  • Ships quickly via Priority Mail

The Kwik Kiln is 4" tall x 4" in diameter, made from the highest quality, high density, no-smoke, high temperature refractory materials. It consists of a 1" base layer and 1.5" kiln chamber - all wrapped in a stainless steel jacket to keep it together. The lid is 1" thick. The alumina silica refractory material is good for up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the material reaches the targeted melting temperatures, the refractory material will shrink approximately 5% which will create small cracks in the material when it cools. However, cracking is not detrimental to the operation of the kiln or the life expectancy of the kiln. This mini kiln is not recommended for smelting ore concentrates, due to the limited capacity for 1 to 3 ratios needed. The purer the metal, the less flux is needed, since flux is designed to pull out impurities.

Two pencil tip propane torches (NOT included with the kit) such as Bernzomatic UL2317 are needed to create the swirling heat effect (see photo). Can be used to perform scorification assays in the field, too. NOTE FROM MANUFACTURER: The Kwik Kiln is designed to be heated with 2 pencil tip PROPANE torches simultaneously. Manufacturer does not warranty any Kwik Kiln heated too high, improperly, or in a manner that goes against its design. This includes using other types of torches, or using Mapp gas, which gives off more heat. We recommend using propane only. This kiln is not a toy and is not to be used by children. This is a kiln that ultimately generates temperatures in excess of 2200° F. Do not allow children or animals in the immediate area when you are firing.

A field test review of the Kwik Kiln appears on pages 30-32 of the July/August 2014 issue of Gold Prospectors Magazine, a publication of the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA). Excerpt from review performed by Gary Sturgill:

"...a very portable and fuel effiicent Kwik Kiln will run on two small propane bottles. This unit is 4 inches wide x 4 inches tall and only takes about 10 minutes from firing it up to pouring your gold bar at home or in the field.

To test this little unit, I read the directions and then attached the 2 nozzles to the propane bottles and inserted the nozzles into the 2 holes provided on the sides of the Kwik Kiln. The holes were drilled into the product an at angle to create a swirling effect to give even heat. After inserting the nozzles, I placed about a teaspoon of flux into the crucible and added some copper. I used copper because it melts at a higher temperature than gold and gave me a good idea of the melting time.

I placed the crucible into this mini furnace and set the insulated spacer ring on the top of the kiln. Then I placed the top ring on top of the spacer ring at a slight offset. Offsetting the top ring will not allow any fresh oxygen to enter the crucible by forcing the flame to pass over the top of the crucible before exiting.

I was then ready to light the nozzles. It only took 3 minutes to see the crucible turn bright red and 8 minutes to melt the copper into a molten red ball. This kiln will reach 2100 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 10 minutes. I shut off the propane, put on a leather glove to pick up the tongs (included). I removed the top piece and then the glowing crucible. Then I quickly poured my molten material into a graphite mold. I let the metal cool just a bit and then dumped the 1 ounce loaf of copper into a bucket of water. You'll find that the slag left from the flux breaks away very easily..."

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