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Teknetics G2 Metal Detector

Teknetics G2 Metal Detector
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FREE Shipping! Teknetics G2 Metal Detector


The versatile G2+ has risen to the top in popularity as a coin/relic/gold detector and a $699 price tag makes it even more desirable! The Teknetics G2 metal detector is an extremely machine loaded with features! This unit's target separation, sensitivity and iron see-through is unrivaled.  It balances all the way to salt,  is lightning fast and has V-Break:  the industries first adjustable audio break point -- and it's not just for iron targets either.  Combine this with features that have been offered on Teknetics metal detectors for years, including: 40 points of iron resolution, 1-99 target ID with big easy to read numbers, lightning fast recovery speed, Ground Grab-the industries best ground balancing system, 11 inch DD coil -- and you have a superior performing detector other manufacturers are just now trying to imitate 5 years later!  Main features and benefits of the Teknetics G2 metal detector:

* Enhanced adjacent target separation and unsurpassed see through ability
* Extreme depth and sensitivity to the smallest gold and silver targets
* Universal functionality and high performance in all applications: relics, jewelry, coins, gold prospecting
* Ground balances all the way to salt
* V.C.O. audio in All Metal and Discrimination Mode
* V-Break - the industry's first Variable Breakpoint tone discrimination system
* Continuous ground condition readouts (ground phase value indicates TYPE of mineralization, graphic indicates AMOUNT of mineralization)
* Independent control over Threshold and Gain
* Computerized Ground Grab and manual Ground Balance
* 19kHz operating frequency
* Static pinpoint
* 11 inch DD elliptical waterproof searchcoil
* Lightweight and durable (2.8 pounds)
* Made in the USA
* 5 year warranty


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