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Teknetics G2 Metal Detector

Teknetics G2 Metal Detector
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The versatile G2+ has risen to the top in popularity as a coin/relic/gold detector and its affordable price tag makes it even more desirable! The Teknetics G2 metal detector is an extremely machine loaded with features! This unit's target separation, sensitivity and iron see-through is unrivaled.  It balances all the way to salt,  is lightning fast and has V-Break:  the industries first adjustable audio break point -- and it's not just for iron targets either.  Combine this with features that have been offered on Teknetics metal detectors for years, including: 40 points of iron resolution, 1-99 target ID with big easy to read numbers, lightning fast recovery speed, Ground Grab-the industries best ground balancing system, 11 inch DD coil -- and you have a superior performing detector other manufacturers are just now trying to imitate 5 years later!  Main features and benefits of the Teknetics G2 metal detector:

* Enhanced adjacent target separation and unsurpassed see through ability
* Extreme depth and sensitivity to the smallest gold and silver targets
* Universal functionality and high performance in all applications: relics, jewelry, coins, gold prospecting
* Ground balances all the way to salt
* V.C.O. audio in All Metal and Discrimination Mode
* V-Break - the industry's first Variable Breakpoint tone discrimination system
* Continuous ground condition readouts (ground phase value indicates TYPE of mineralization, graphic indicates AMOUNT of mineralization)
* Independent control over Threshold and Gain
* Computerized Ground Grab and manual Ground Balance
* 19kHz operating frequency
* Static pinpoint
* 11 inch DD elliptical waterproof searchcoil
* Lightweight and durable (2.8 pounds)
* Made in the USA
* 5 year warranty


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