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12 x 60 inch Gold Well Vortex Sluice

12 x 60 inch Gold Well Vortex Sluice
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Vortex Drop Riffle Sluice Box 12" x 60" FREE SHIPPING!


This unit is an entry level commercial grade sluice box, with 4 feet of vortex plates which allows extremely fine gold particles more opportunities to 'drop out' of the water flow and collect in the gold wells, and also allows longer duration between clean outs. This sluicebox is easy to set up, easy to use and is a full foot wide. Constructed of the toughest 7075-T6 aircraft alloy aluminum and stainless steel, it has been designed for serious gold recovery operations and all day use, day after day with minimum wear. This unit comes bare bones without a water source attachment.  As with the smaller sluice boxes, it is equally adept at processing large quantities of raw materials (classified to 1/2" minus) or just concentrates.   12" wide, 60 inches long, 3" deep.  Weighs 33 pounds.

Virtually any mining application can be served by this unit. Removable padded 3/8" stainless steel carry handle. The throughput capacity of this sluice is equivalent to or exceeds most sluices 24 to 36" in width.  For increased width, multiple sluices may be ganged side by side with the option of countersunk bolts on the side for flush side by side mating. A special request for countersunk sides must be made when ordering. 4 feet of vortex plates assures ample retention volume of gold for longer operating periods. When processing raw unclassified material with a waterfall head and sufficient water volume, this sluice is capable of handling shovel after heaping shovel full of material without choking up.

Optional Accessories:  High bank attachment and waterfall head that comes with a 2 inch PVC connector (to attach to a water source) to provide an even water distribution across the width of the sluice box for optimal performance and reduced clogging by sediments and debris.  Pump/Flow requirement for the waterfall head is 1500 to 3500 GPH (gallon per hour), depending on application and material processed.

MANUFACTURER'S INFORMATION ON PUMPS:  Water flow through the sluice should be between 2 and 8 gallons per minute per inch width of sluice. A 6 inch sluice should have a water flow of 12 and 30 gallons per minute. The water flow should not go below this. And a 12” sluice should have 24 to 96 gallons per minute supplied.

Once the desired angle and level are established for the sluice, you will want to adjust your water flow. The flow is in the proper range when particles in the vortex pockets show circular motion. To do this you should set the water flow rate low, add a few scoops of dirt, then while watching the Gold Well pockets, slowly increase the flow rate UNTIL you see the material in the Gold Wells begin to rotate. This then will be the minimum water flow that you want to maintain in your Gold Well Sluice for proper operation. The water flow volume will be different for different materials. If the bulk of the material you are processing is light, you may want to run enough through the sluice first to get some heavy black sands built up, then adjust your water flow for the black sands, not the lighter silicon dioxide sands (generally the light colored sands).

Note:   The Waterfall head and Highbanker attachment shown in some of the photos are sold separately and do not come with this sluice.

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