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Waterfall Head Attachment for 12 inch Gold Well Vortex Sluice

Waterfall Head Attachment for 12 inch Gold Well Vortex Sluice

Waterfall Head Attachment for 12'' Sluice Box


This waterfall head attachment is made to fit the Gold Well brand 12'' wide sluice box and delivers an even flow of water across the width of the sluice box when not using the stream flare or other water source. Easy to attach and remove with just two quick change, ball type locking pins, it comes with its own attachment bracket and can be used in conjunction with the High Bank attachment.  Made entirely of 18 gauge stainless steel for long life and corrosion resistance, it comes with a 2" PVC coupling at the rear to attach your own water supply hose. 

The waterfall head is not designed for pressurization. If over-pressuring occurs, it partially defeats the purpose of the waterfall head.  A sure sign of pressurization is a lot of water pouring out from around the lid.  A small drip or leak around the lid is normal if you are running at high volumes, however.  The difference of pressurization and just running a high volume of water is the amount of leakage showing up around the lid seals. The seals on it are not pressure seals. If pressurization occurs, reduce the volume of water you are supplying to the unit.  If a larger amount of water is required for your operation than the waterfall box is rated for without pressurization, consider purchasing a dredge crash box instead, as that will remove the pump water velocity for the most part and allow a lot higher input volume of water.

At the end of the day after running with dirty water, or occasionally even when running water from a clean source, open the waterfall box and lift the flapper and inspect it for buildup of debris and sediments.  Simply wash the unit out with clean water when needed.  If used with salt water, the unit should be thoroughly flushed out with clean water as soon as practical.

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