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Waterfall Head Attachment for 6 inch Gold Well Vortex Sluice

Waterfall Head Attachment for 6 inch Gold Well Vortex Sluice

Waterfall Head attachment for 6'' Sluice Box


This waterfall head attachment is specifically designed for the 6" series og Goldwell sluice boxes to facilitate proper water flow with the High Banker unit attached.   This unit has a 1" stainlesss steel coupling at the rear of the unit for attachment to a water supply hose. Please note that 6 inch and 12 inch waterfall heads are functionally equivalent.  6 inch units do not utilize rotational brackets.   6 inch waterfall head attaches directly with quick release pins to holes in the side near back of sluice.

6 inch waterfall heads should be removed prior to up-righting sluice to empty it! If the waterfall head is still attached, it may pivot forward when standing vertically, trapping fingers and injuring you! Open and clean out the waterfall head from time to time (preferably after each use where muddy water was circulated through the waterfall head.)

The waterfall head is a relatively simple device which removes the velocity of the water imparted to it by the pump.  It virtually eliminates large waves and water fluctuations that traverse down the sluice, creating a good uniform flow of water that is consistent.  Since the waterfall head attachment is basically a wide-open structure internally, it is nearly impossible to clog up (and if somehow it is clogged, it is very easily cleaned out).  Virtually any material that can be pushed through the hose feeding the waterfall head will come back out of the waterfall head, allowing all day operation without having to stop and unplug holes or filters.

There are 2 screws located on either side of the waterfall head that have washers on them.  These screws are the capture screws that retain the small rod that the flapper inside pivots on.  Do not remove these screws unless you are doing some kind of servicing.  There is no tensioning the flapper by increasing or decreasing the tightness of these screws.  They have no other function beyond keeping the rod inside in place.

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