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Woodmans Pal

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Woodman's Pal Kit


Cuts like a machete, chops like an axe! Once you try it, you'll wonder how you ever did without the precision laser cut Woodman's Pal machete!  This battle-tested tool has served in all the wars from WWII through Desert Storm and features a sharp, hard-cutting edge on one side, suitable for chopping down brush, small trees, cane and any other type of growth. On the other side of the Woodsmans Pal tool, you’ll find a curved hook, which is ideal for pulling and cutting vines, pruning limbs and cutting or hacking any type of overhanging brush. Chops up to 1 1/2″ diameter saplings with single stroke; fells larger trees and brush by consecutive notching; chisel sharp sickle hook trims vines, then pulls and stacks trimmings.

Woodman's Pal Kit ships in a nice gift box and includes:

Woodman’s Pal Tool #WP481 is made in the USA from 1074/1075 spring steel, .110″ thickness

  • 17 inches overall
  • 21 ounce
  • cutting area is 10.5 inches, slightly concave for efficient cutting and convex grind for extreme strength
  • sickle hook is 2.5 inch chisel sharp
  • blade is forged in fire – treated up to 1500 degrees F
  • ash wood handle made by Amish craftsmen is stained for appearance, then urethane coated and hand rubbed with beeswax for extra grip and tact
  • finger grooves allow for a more secure and relaxed grip that helps prevent repetitive motion hand strain
  • leather wrist strap with sliding adjustment clip
  • handle is attached with threaded standoffs and solid brass screws

Leather Sheath  is handmade and hand stitched in the USA by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster County, PA

  • made out of rugged bridle quality leather treated with Neatsfoot oil preservative
  • brass snaps
  • belt loop for easy carry

Reprints of 4 original 1941 Owner’s Manuals originally given to US Military operators (each manual is 4 x 3 inches): 

  • Care, Use & Sharpening of Knife LC-14-B
  • Living in the Jungle with U.S. Army Knife LC-14-B
  • Fighting with U.S.A. Knife LC-14-B
  • Survival Tool Kit Airman’s

Lansky Sharpening Stone: 9 inch long Medium Grit (280 Alumina-Oxide Material) made in the USA by Lansky

Woodman’s Pal Sticker

Manufacturer offers a Lifetime Warranty!

Whether you're blazing a trail, building a duck blind, clearing a shooting lane for hunting, or trimming trees in the backyard, the Woodsman's Pal machete is an American-made hand tool that will last you a lifetime! Handcrafted to Mil-Spec “LC-14-B” in America since World War II. This is a family heirloom built for a lifetime of use!

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