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Buy Alaskan Paydirt! 
Alaska paydirt

For well over a century, prospectors and miners from all over the world have risked life, limb, and their personal fortunes to get their hands on paydirt found in The Last Frontier. If you'd like to get some of this rich Alaskan paydirt without traveling north, bags of Gold Rush Paydirt can be shipped to you direct from the source! No need to brave the cold and rugged terrain of the 49th state when you can make your dreams of hitting paydirt a reality from your own home— starting with a delivery via Priority Mail! Allow extra transit time -- gold paydirt ships directly to you from Alaska

Every bag of pay dirt contains REAL GOLD from Alaska. These bags are ideal for practicing your panning skills at home, or to use with a new piece of equipment. Since you KNOW FOR SURE that good gold and/or gems are found in these bags, you'll be able to determine and improve your skill by panning the same bag over and over again. Same holds true for perfecting your gold recovery skills using your equipment. Pan over and over again for fun, or collect what you find and display in a vial. Ideal gift to give kids or anyone else a bit of GOLD FEVER!

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    Out of stock until July 1st - Gold Rush Bonanza Paydirt - 2.5 pounds


    Out of stock until July 1st Gold Rush Gold & Gems Paydirt - 2.5 pounds


    Out of stock until July 1st Gold Rush Nugget Bag Paydirt - 2.5 pounds


    Out of stock until July 1st Gold Rush Gold Rich Paydirt - 5 pounds


    Out of stock until July 1st Gold Rush Paydirt Panning Kit


    Gold panning is a fun and educational experience for anyone. Nothing beats finding your first piece of gold! Gold Rush paydirt from Alaska is composed of coarse decomposed granite sand containing quartz and other minerals. Each bag is classified down to approximately one-half inch, making it ready to pan. Paydirt is for recreational purposes and may contain nuggets, pickers, fine gold, and/or black sands.

    Basic instructions for gold panning: Mix paydirt well as contents may have settled during Priority Mail shipping. Scoop paydirt into pan a few teaspoons at a time, then work up to several tablespoons on subsequent pans. Add water and swirl to allow gold to separate/sink to bottom of pan and collect in the riffles. Remove excess gravel/sand by holding pan under the water and tilting it down and away from you repeatedly. Rinse bag your paydirt arrived in with water to capture any fine gold that may be stuck to the inside of the bag. Wash your hands with soap and water after panning. When you find gold, hollar "Eureka!"  Revisit this page to purchase more bags. Good luck and have fun!