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 Gold Cube 

Gold Cube

Looking for a gold recovery product that can process tons of concentrates into mere ounces? The Gold Cube retrieves your gold from black sands! With a small 12 volt pump (included) and a 12-volt battery (not included), you're ready to clean up your concentrates QUICKLY!  It can run a yard of material (classified down to 1/8 inch) in about 2 hours. You can also run half a ton of material through the Gold Cube before you have to stop for a clean up. The Gold Cube is made in the USA and is a small enough to fit into the trunk of your car. It consists of stacking trays made of indestructible plastic LDPE (low density polyethylene) that's as thick as a cutting board. A basic Gold Cube consists of 1 slick plate and two concentrator trays, but add as many trays as you like, depending on your specific needs and location, it's totally up to you! 

  • Ready to go right out of the box!
  • Unique G-Force technology cleans and separates the gold.
  • Vortex matting traps gold and self cleans for hours of use.
  • Patent-pending, proven product backed by countless hours of research & development!
Gold Cube inventors Mike Pung and Steve "Red" Wilcox say that they like to think "inside the Cube" instead of "outside the box." Instead of building a better mouse trap, they built a better gold trap! If you've been prospecting for very long, you've probably come to realize that most of the large gold nuggets that were once lying on or near the ground surface were scooped up by the Stampeders and '49ers long ago. Not that nuggets still aren't found, because they are, but fewer of the chunky stuff was left behind by the Old Timers. The good news is that those same Old Timers did not have the benefit of Gold Cube technology, and literally left tons of fine gold behind for YOU, the astute modern-day prospector to recover.
ACTUAL CUSTOMER COMMENT: "I just wanted to say thank you for the best system I have purchased for gold mining. And believe me I have bought more than 5 different systems. I primarily mine on the Pacific Coast dealing with heavy black sand, and there gas not been a system that does a better job than the Cube. And what's real nice it works that we'll on the hard rock stuff we do as well. I tell all my buddy's about it. Just wanted you to know what a quality product you have. Thank you."

Scroll down this page to learn more about how and why the Gold Cube works so well.
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No time to pre-classify? Check out...

Gold Banker classifier that fits on top off the Gold Cube!

 Gold Cube Trommel really speeds up production!

    Gold Cube 4 Stack Deluxe
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    FREE SHIPPING! 4-Stack Deluxe Gold Cube 

    Gold Cube 4 Stack Deluxe & Gold Banker Combo

    FREE SHIPPING! 4-Stack Deluxe Gold Cube and Gold Banker Combo Kit

    Gold Cube 4 Stack
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    FREE SHIPPING4-Stack Gold Cube includes: One Slick Plate, Three Separator Trays, Hose and Adapters.

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    Gold Cube Clean Up Kit

    Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe
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    FREE SHIPPING! 3-Stack Gold Cube Deluxe includes: 1 Slick Plate, 2 Separator Trays, Stand, Pump, Hose, Hose Adapters

    Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe and Gold Banker Combo

    FREE SHIPPING! 3-Stack Deluxe Gold Cube includes: One Slick Plate, Two Separator Trays, Stand, Pump, Hose, Hose Adapters, Gold Banker top unit with spray bar, Stand extensions, and Extra 5 feet of hose

    Gold Cube 3 Stack
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    FREE SHIPPING! 3-Stack includes: 1 Slick Plate, 2 Separator Trays, Hose and Adapters

    Gold Banker

    Gold Banker - Top Unit Only

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    Nugget Zone accessory for Gold Cube

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    FREE SHIPPING! Trommel kit for Gold Cube

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    Single Separator Tray weighs 5 lbs.

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    Adjustable, zinc plated Gold Cube Stand

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    12 volt Gold Cube Pump.


    Poly Hose available in 10, 20, and 30 foot lengths.

    What's Better: Gold Cube 3 Stack or 4 Stack?

    When deciding which Gold Cube to use (3 Stack Deluxe or 4 Stack), there are several factors to consider: price, size (footprint), and the type of gold you may encounter. The following advice is direct from Mike, inventor of the Gold Cube.

    Many gold prospectors with the typical sluice box witness very flat gold (glitter gold) that has the tendency to drift or “sail” over riffles. Flat gold lends itself to slight current manipulation and water surface tension that may allow it to float.

    The Gold Cube design eliminates surface tension in what we call the “G-Force Separator”, which forces everything below water under a gate. This breaks the surface tension and forces the gold to the bottom of an axial trough. The combination of gravity and hydraulic pressure makes it impossible for the gold to float or sail. To illustrate this — if you were to drop a flat washer and a steel bearing, both weighing the same, into a swimming pool at the same time, the steel bearing would hit bottom, first. In the same way, the flatter the gold; the more time it takes to settle.

    Location is not the only factor to be aware of, though we have found that there are areas where the gold is typically very flat. Keep in mind, it is all about the shape of the gold, and not where it is located. Many placer areas close to the source have gold that is chunky, roundish, and not flat.  If you plan to limit your mining to this type of area, then a 3 Stack may be your machine. You can add a tray, later, if you decide to go to the beach or find a tailings pile with super-fine gold.

    The beauty of the Gold Cube is that you can always add a tray, trommel, or a Gold Banker, or a Nugget Zone when it becomes necessary.

    • Technology – Unique patented process incorporates 3 degrees of separation.
    • Versatility – Mine placer, beach, crushed ore, free milling ore, mine dump testing; can be set up in the water or as an off-site recirculation unit.
    • Portability – Modular design for fast setup and easy exit.  Fits in the trunk of your car yet gets as much gold as machines many times its size.
    • Efficiency – Takes only minutes to set it up level, turn on pump, and process 1,000 pounds of 1/8th classified material.
    • Durability – Made in America with LDPE (low-density poly) just like your cutting board at home.
    • Details of Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe here.  Details of Gold Cube 4 Stack Deluxe here. BOTH SHIP FREE!

    Gold Cube article

    Download .pdf article from May/June 2018 Gold Prospectors Magazine.

    Slick Plate. The slick plate on the Gold Cube has a precisely controlled water flow that is designed to process very large amounts of 8 mesh and smaller material in a very short time. Withcontrolled water flow, the slick plate does 2 things:
    1. It turns aggregate material into a slurry, and
    2. The water flow forces the lighter particles ahead of the heavier material.
    It is quite exciting to actually see your fine gold creeping down the slick plate! Gold, the heaviest element in the slurry, will be the last to reach the trough.
    G-Force Separator. The slurry then falls into a gated trough and will be forced under water. Then centrifugal force will force the gold to the outer edge of the rounded trough. The slurry will then exit the trough on the opposite side of the gate. After exiting the gated trough, the slurry is forced to stand up and form a column. The purpose of this column is to actively stack the particles by specific gravity. Lighter, faster moving particles race past the heavier particles and exit the column first. The Gold Cube's forced gravitational, centrifugal and columning effect is called "the G-Force."
    Vortex Matting. The Gold Cube's vortex matting works because water flow interacts with a combination of very small pillar walls and cavities—about 7,056 of them per mat. Just like a tornado, the spinning creates a low pressure zone in the center of each of the cavities. Passing gold will be trapped and forced to the bottom of the vortexes and held in place by the lighter material. As gold-laden material is introduced into each vortex mat, it will displace and replace the lighter material. This will create about a cup of super concentrates at clean-up. Amazing!

    How The G-Force Separator Works on the Gold Cube


    (1) 8 mesh or smaller gold bearing material is added to the water flow (2) on the slick plate (3). The slurry (4) drops into the G-Force Separator (5). The slurry accelerates around the bottom of the trough and the centrifugal force helps move gold outward (6). As all the material leaves the G-Force Separator, high volume water carries the lighter material up and away (7). The gold is then dropped into the beginning of the vortex mat
    (8). This process is repeated in each of the Gold Cube's separation trays.

    In mining, the low pressure zone behind a riffle— in a sluice or dredge— is called an eddy. The eddy rolls horizontally and the vortex churns vertically like a tornado. The vortex is the tornado effect that stirs up the dirt. The material churns and is really soft in the water, so the gold sinks to the bottom and stays there because it is heavy. Gold is about 19.3 times heavier than water.

    Customer Testimonial

    "Here is a photo of Rick using the Gold Cube and also the gold we have found after about 10 hours of playing in MONTANA! I just wanted to let you know it worked GREAT! We were so excited and had so much fun. We were really amazed in how the Gold Cube was able to pick up very small pieces of gold. This is a great piece of equipment. We were also very impressed with your customer service. You are a great company to work with and whenever we need something else we will buy from you."   —Kerissa & Rick
    gold cube gold recovery
    Rick in Montana using the Gold Cube
    gold panning
    Gold found in Montana after 10 hours of using the Gold Cube.