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 Buy Gold Nuggets & Practice Paydirt 

gold nuggets for sale

Gold Nuggets for sale by the gram!  No time to get out and find your own shiny stuff, or perhaps you prospect or metal detect often but haven't been lucky enough to find a nugget quite yet?  That's OK -- buy nuggets by the gram right here!  The grams you buy are shipped to you in a plastic vial so you can easily contain and display your pretty precious metal. Makes a really great gift if you want to give a friend or loved one some of your Gold Fever!

Nugget sizing info: We are often asked how many pieces of gold you will get when you buy a gram of gold. It is very hard to predict exactly how many pieces are in a gram because the weight of each nugget varies quite a bit. Keep in mind you are buying gold by the gram. You pay for a certain quantity of grams and that weight is exactly what you will get. You never know how many individual pieces you will get, but you are GUARANTEED to get the quantity of grams you buy.

In general, you can expect around 2-4 pieces of gold if you buy a gram of 6 mesh gold, 7-12 pieces if you buy a gram of 8 mesh gold, around 15-20 pieces if you buy a gram of 10 mesh gold, and around 20-25 pieces if you buy a gram of 12 mesh gold.  Every piece of gold is natural and of course unique in size and shape. All gold orders are shipped and trackable via Priority Mail and are insured in case of loss in the postal system. Your signature will be required upon delivery.

Gold Nugget Pricing: Natural gold nuggets such as these typically sell for a premium price over the spot gold price because they are valued similarly to gem stones and are much more rare than fine gold dust. Much of the gold bullion traded on the stock market is made from refined and melted down gold dust to form coins; 95-98% of the world's native gold is actually in the form of gold dust and not gold nuggets.

Bags of gold-bearing paydirt found here.


    Why invest in gold nuggets?

    The simple answer is because gold is very valuable. For thousands of years, it has been a symbol of wealth and has been used as a source of currency, and will continue to remain so.  When you hold a gold nugget in your hand, you carry something that will always be recognized for its value and beauty.

    There is no doubt that the troubled financial situation that countries around the world find themselves in today only reinforce the importance of collecting precious metals. The price of gold has increased substantially over the past several years, and most experts believe that this trend is only going to continue. Precious metals such as gold increase in price when the value of currencies goes down, and today's financial uncertainty all but ensures that gold will continue to have strong interest for many years to come.

    National trust in the dollar is affected daily by economic indicators that portend dire consequences for those who fail to acknowledge the worldwide divergence of major nations such as China, Russia, and India and former staunch trading partners like Brazil who are jumping into the stable, tried and true, hard currency of gold and other precious metals.

    While many choose to invest in bullion, the natural beauty of gold nuggets have an added appeal that can never be matched. Gold coins and bars are man-made, and more gold bullion is stamped out every year. While it certainly has value, it does not have the unique qualities that a natural gold nugget has. No one can ever make a natural gold nugget. And unlike a piece of bullion, gold nuggets are all unique and contain special value as collectors items. Just like a snowflake, no two will ever be exactly alike!

    And perhaps more important than anything... natural gold nuggets are really cool to own, as well as to give as gifts. If you've never had your own gold nugget yet, watch out because it has been known to create insatiable GOLD FEVER! Another really cool benefit is the legacy of passing a tangible inheritance to your children and grandchildren as you grow your investment portfolio.

    What our customers say... 

    "Thank you so much for your awesome customer service and updates throughout the whole process. You have gained my respect and I will definitely be purchasing though your website in the future."  —Jeremy in Nevada

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