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 Fisher Metal Detectors 

Since 1931, Fisher has been the most trusted name in metal detection. The company's history began in the late 1920’s, when German immigrant Dr. Gerhard Fisher obtained the first patent ever issued on aircraft radio direction finders. He was working as a Research Engineer in Los Angeles, California at the time and his work attracted the interest of Dr. Albert Einstein. After a demonstration of Dr. Fisher’s equipment, Einstein enthusiastically and correctly predicted the world-wide use of radio direction finders in the air, on land and at sea.

Dr. Gerhard Fisher founded Fisher Research Laboratory in 1931 in a garage behind his home in Palo Alto, California. He and four employees began producing the "Metallascope," a rugged, easy-to-use metal detector. By today’s standards, it was perhaps an ungainly device: two large, flat wooden boxes containing simple copper coils, five vacuum tubes, and a few assorted components. It soon captivated the imagination of the country, and within a short time, the world.

Over the years, Fisher Labs moved several times to larger and larger production facilities, and in 1990 built a spacious, modern manufacturing plant in the Los Banos Industrial Park, where the world's oldest metal detector business resided until it was acquired by First Texas Products in 2006. Today, it's a known fact that Fisher Finds More. All Fisher Metal Detectors are proudly made in the USA with a 5 year warranty.  AA batteries are no longer supplied with Fisher detectors. Units that use 9V will continue to be supplied by manufacturer. Click on metal detector photos below for more details and larger images.

Metal detectors priced $350 or more ship for FREE!


Highly recommended for Coin Shooting: Fisher F75, F75LTD, F11, F22, and F44.

Highly recommended for Relic Hunting: F75, 75 LTD, F11, F22, F44 and 1270X.

Highly recommended for Beach Hunting: Fisher F44 and 1280X.

Highly recommended for Gold Prospecting: Fisher F75, F75LTD, Gold Bug PRO, and GoldBug 2.

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