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 Gold Magic Product Review 

Gary Sturgill, Trade Show Manager for the Gold Prospectors Association of America recently field tested the Gold Magic Spiral Wheel. His product review appears on pages 32-33 of the January/February 2014 issue of Gold Prospectors Magazine. Below is an excerpt:

"... the Gold Magic Spiral Wheel piqued my curiosity because it's the only spiral panning wheel I've seen to successfully run dry material. It's also the only spiral wheel with raised bumps in the four outside spirals to help break apart and aerate the material. This technique allows even the smallest gold flake to make its way to the bottom of the pan and work its way up into the collection cup.

Although dirt can be run wet or dry, when running it wet, you get less material in the collection cup with the gold. When running dry material, you are more or less concentrating the material to be panned or to be run wet later. When running wet material, the gold has a 5:1 ratio specific gravity advantage.

The Gold Magic Spiral Wheel is mounted to a tripod and is easy to assemble. Find a fairly level place to position the two front legs and set the rear leg so that the top of the pan slopes to a 45-degree angle towards the back. The GPAA claim where I prospected is rich with heavy black sand that pockets up with the gold and it wasn't long before the patented cup in the center of the wheel was filling up with some rich concentrates. I let it run for a few minutes after the cup was full to help the concentrating action of the machine. Then, I dumped the cup into my cleanup pan to be processed later at home.

Upon returning home, I set up the Gold Magic Spiral Wheel in a tub with the water level about half way up Gold Magic Instructions the cup in the center of the wheel as recommended in the manufacturer's instructions. I quickly set the pan at 45-degree angle to do a final cleanup of the black sands and it wasn't long before I started to see some gold working its way up the spirals and into the center cup. Splash a bit of water to help clean out some of the black sand as shown in the instructional DVD that comes with the Gold Magic.

The pan itself is manufactured using a precision-injected mold process and comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.  I highly recommend the Gold Magic Spiral Wheel to everyone from newbies to seasoned prospectors for its ease of use, set up and operation."

Click on the image to the right ----> to download the 12-page .pdf Owner's Manual and Warranty information. You will also receive a paper copy when you buy a Gold Magic.

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    Number 1 in the diagram to the right is the primary classification area. All wet or dry materials -- sand, gravel, etc. -- is added to this area. Large sized and most low specific gravity materials roll out of the pan as it rotates. However, heavy-weight materials such as gold sink to the lowest point at the joining of riffle and the pan (1-C on diagram) and commence rotating toward areas 2, 3, and 4 on the diagram.

    Number 2 is the riffle transition and large nugget recovery area. Nuggets that are too large to spiral up the riffle (3) into the concentrate cup (4) will remain in area 2 until visually sighted and removed.

    Number 3 is the secondary classification area. The heavy, high specific gravity material such as gold, platinum, flour gold and black sand will contine to travel at the low point where the riffle joins the pan (1-C). Most light, low specific gravity material falls from the riffle in #3 and is ultimately ejected from the pan.

    Number 4 is the final classification area. Here is where you see immediate results! The gold settles in the removable cup (4). As it continues to tumble wet, it is "cleaned up" with a gentle splash of water and is ready for removal. Dry gold concentrates are removed from her for final wet clean-up.

    Gold Magic Spiral Panning Machine