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 Automatic Spiral Gold Panning Machines 

If you don't have the muscle power or time, let a spiral panning machine help you separate the gold from your concentrates and black sand much more quickly and easily. FREE SHIPPING on orders of $350 or more! To learn more about the manufacturer and use of the Desert Fox, Mountain Goat, and Pro Camel, scroll to the bottom of this page.

    Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine

    Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine-  FREE SHIPPING!

    Mountain Goat Trommel - Desert Fox Spiral Panner Combo
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    Mountain Goat Trommel / Variable Speed Desert Fox Spiral Panner / Spout + FREE SHIPPING!

    Camel Mining Products Pro Camel 18

    OUT OF STOCK Pro-Camel 18 Spiral Gold Panning Machine - FREE SHIPPING!

    Pro-Camel 24 Spiral Gold Panning Machine

    OUT OF STOCK Pro-Camel 24 Spiral Gold Panning Machine - FREE SHIPPING!

    Camel Mining Pro Camel 18 Replacement Wheel

    Pro-Camel 24 Spiral Gold Panning Machine Replacement Wheel

    Camel Mining Pro Camel 24 Replacement Wheel

    Replacement wheel for the Pro-Camel 24

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    Camel Mining Classifier Set


    Choose Power Supply: 7 amp, 10 amp, 12 amp

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    Desert Fox 3 Amp Power Supply


    Recover Fine Gold Like a Pro

    Every prospector dreams of finding chunky nuggets and pickers, and while this happens all the time, the vast majority of gold found these days is very fine gold. And we all know that flour gold can be hard to recover unless you've got the right equipment. Camel Mining has been providing innovative tools and devices to the prospecting community since 1969. All of their products are made in the USA and include a No Hassle warranty. Angus Niccolls, the original inventory of their two flagship products, The Desert Fox and Mountain Goat Trommel, passed away several years ago, but these workhorses contine to help the recreational prospector recover gold like a pro! To work gold efficiently, Angus knew that the equipment must run quietly, require little water, and be light weight enough to backpack into remote areas.

    The location of the manufacturer is ideal— in the desert of Arizona. Mr. Niccolls grubstaked for years by reaping the pockets of placer gold deposited by the semi-annual monsoon floods in the Western desert public lands. Millions of miles of drywashes criss cross the deserts there. When gold prospectors select any dry creek leading down from mineralized mountains, they nearly always find a few pockets of placer gold dust that can add up to a few ounces of gold. The best part is that they are often replenished during the annual floods, so that means you can go back to the same spot again and again and reap the rewards!

    In his younger days, Angus worked as a trommel operator for several large mining companies. Some of the trommels he worked with were as long as 40 feet. So Angus knew that trommels were great gold recovering machines, but their huge size was not practical for the small miner and prospector. It took him a long time, but he eventually developed a portable gold recovering trommel. Camel Mining never has dropped a new product on the market before they had spent a lot of time testing and refining it, so you can rely on the fact that they are tried and true. For example, the Mountain Goat was tested for over a year before it was introduced to the public. The Mountain Goat is built on the same principals as the huge mining trommels used by the major mining companies except it is a lot smaller and is portable. It is called the Mountain Goat because it will eat anything, and is light enough to carry up the side of a mountain.