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X-Stream Hybrid Pro Hand Dredge

Product Options
Hand Dredge only
Extra Valve Diaphrams (add $20.00)
Extra Leather Cups (add $25.00)
Extra Valve Upgrade Kit (add $45.00)
Ergo Handle (add $24.00)
Boomer Box (add $65.00)
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X-Stream Hybrid Pro Hand Dredge - full size bucket kit


If you've found a rich spot that is hard to access, this hand dredge is a great tool to have on hand. Gold can hide down in the deepest part of a crack or crevice or behind a boulder and often is best reached with a hand dredge, also called a "sucker gun" or "suction gun." The X-Stream Hybrid Pro Hand dredge is 36 inches long before attaching any nozzle; 8 inch extension is included giving you even more reach! This gold prospecting tool is ideal for working below the water line when a motorized dredge cannot be used.

The X-Stream Hybrid Pro represents years of development intended to enhance your prospecting experience. This model is designed to work creeks and streams or totally submersible with the ability to replace the valve gasket in the field. The patented valve system is designed to eliminate clogging and spitting (forward flow) while still using tried and true leather cups. The leather cups are cut 1/16th less than the diameter of the plunger tube, which allows the cups to absorb water and swell to make a tight seal that is self-lubricated by the water. Included with this hand dredge pump:

• 6 foot hose

• 2 gallon "Quick View" bucket and twist off "Gamma Lid"

• Three specialty nozzles with extension

• Instructions

• Manufacturer warranty.

3 nozzles are included with the Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro hand dredge:

• Sniper Nozzle with "Rock Block" reaches into cracks and crevices.

• Bulk Sand Nozzle- Designed to quickly draw sand and 1/2 inch material.

• Bedrock Nozzle- filters sticks and leaves and gets just the sand #8 and smaller.

• 8 inch extension is included giving you even more reach!

• The attachment point for the nozzles is 1.25 inch, but the nozzle sizes vary from 1.25 to .75 inch.

If you like to be prepared when you're in the field and want to include extra spare parts with your order, choose what you need from the drop down menu. Spare parts include:

Leather Cups (2) $23: Sold as a set of 2 with replacement washer and lock nut. Tougher than anything man-made. Absorbs water to create seal. Water lubricates and reduces friction. Durable leather stands up to sand and temperature.

Diaphragms (2)  $15: Spare set of of 2 diaphragms.

Valve Upgrade Kit  $45: Upgrade the valve assembly with this kit that includes complete inlet + outlet valve, adapter ring and an extra set of replacement flappers. Simple assembly instructions included. ABS glue not included.

ERGO handle $24

Boomer Box used to feed the X-Stream Hybrid Pro hand dredge directly into your 10" wide sluice $65

Prefer to build this hand dredge yourself? Do-It-Yourself Hand Dredge Kit found here.

Also, check out the NEW smaller, simpler Quick Sniper Hand Dredge here.


The pump uses two leather cups back-to-back, attached to the plunger handle, to move material into the pump and out through the hose. When wet, these cups will seat in the barrel of the pump. When first using your pump, placing the leather cups in water for a few minutes will allow them to conform to the diameter of the pump barrel and work more effectively.

The check valves have white marks on the “top” side. For the system to work most effectively, these marks should be pointed upwards. The flappers in the pumps hang on hinges which work best when the hinges are at the apex of the flow.

Clamps are not necessary unless you plan to use the system in strong current and want to be extra cautious. For users in deeper water or stronger current, consider wrapping a leash around the lid and tie it off at your waist to prevent the bucket from breaking away.

Avoid moving overburden with the hand dredge. Cut into the heavy sand with a shovel, then use the X-Stream hand pump to remove the target material from the bottom of the area. Don’t press down into heavy sand, but rather just hover the nozzle at the top layer so it can get sand and water, and the experience will be smoother. Keep the bucket as low as possible so you’re not pushing material uphill to get to the bucket.

The plastic valves can freeze and break if freezing occurs while they are still filled with water. Keep the pump inside warm and dry areas while not using.

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