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Rip Saw Sluice

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Rip Saw Sluice - choose metal rock bars or spray bar


This Rip Saw Sluice probably predates the original LeTrap sluice box. It is a very complicated design that catches fine gold amazingly well without matting. This river sluice basically rakes the dirt, then drops it into each riffle zone along the length of the sluice box. Operates similar to the original Le Trap sluice (also once known as the River Robber sluice box) -- run this between 5 to 7 degrees depending on the water speed. Removing carpet and metal sections are no longer required. This sluice cleans out in seconds. Made in the USA!

40 inches long x 14.5 inches wide x 4 " high sides. Weighs about 3 pounds.  Made from very durable ABS plastic sluice in either green or blue. Choose from river model with metal bars (place a heavy rock on the bars to hold it in place in the stream), or spray bar version (hose and pump NOT included). Be sure to clean your new sluice before use to remove any wax from manufacturing.

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