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6 inch Power Sluice and Set Up Kit with Mini Dream Mat

6 inch Power Sluice and Set Up Kit
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6" Power Sluice & Set Up Kit with Mini Dream Mat


This 6 inch Power Sluice Setup Kit is made in the USA and includes a 32" long x 6" wide sluice with 3 inch high sides, AND an 8" x 6" x 6" header box, AND an 8.5" x 24" sluice stand with legs, AND a flare, AND 2 battery clips, AND 5 feet of 1.25" hose, AND a 12 volt 1100 gph pump.

The bed of the sluice contains 16 inches of the NEW Mini Dream Mat!  Over the years you may have tried many different types of mats, carpets, riffles, and miners moss, but Dream Mat was inspired solely to help prospectors work less to get more gold!

This blue/gray color of Mini Dream Mat is the first sluice mat ever to be scientifically engineered and designed using advanced fluid dynamic principles and physics. The mini Hydro-Cyclone inspired vortex cells classify, separate, capture and hold gold naturally. Dream Mats vortex cells exploits natures own forces in a patented system to bring the finest gold recovery ever created. These mini cells are engineered to capture the finest of gold without needing huge amounts of water to maintain good exchange. This mini cell system is designed for classified feeds — 8 mesh is a good screen size, but you can of course screen lower if desired. Big gold can be caught easily in just about any system. Bigger gold is really heavy and Dream Mat captures and holds the bigger gold in its vortex holding cells, just like it does with fine gold. Mat made of polyurethane (not cheap rubber or silicone!).

  • Mini Dream Mat is great for 1/4"-3/8" screened runs to catch fine gold.  
  • Ideal in sandy areas and black sands.
  • Made in the USA!

The sluice is made out of strong .080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum, which is light weight - plus, aluminum makes it easier to use a magnet to remove the black sand build up.

This 6" power sluice header box setup and the 12-volt pump all adds up to a good high volume power sluice, especially when you need something small and portable that weighs only about 14 pounds (shipping weight).  It can also be used with a recovery tub (not included) to complete a power sluice recirculating system.   

Manufacturer's Easy Power Sluice Setup Instructions:

Before first use, wash your Dream Mat with detergent in warm water with a soft brush or cloth to release any excess release agent left over by the manufacturing process. Wash both top and bottom of the matting. You might see some small bubbles in the mat pattern. With the many cells that are concentrating minerals for you in the Dream Mat, rest assured that the hydro cyclone nature of the system will override most small bubble imperfections and have very little overall effect.

1. Put the legs on the stand so that the front legs are shorter than the back legs. There should be about 4 inches more above the leg bracket than the front. This should provide a 15 degree slope or, one inch per foot of drop.

2. Unbolt the flare and set it aside. 

3. Bolt on the header box in the same place where you took off the flare. 

4. Place the sluice with the header box on the stand with the end without the header box under the slot on the stand. There are also side supports on the sluice stand.

5. Place the pump in a bucket and in the stream or in a tub filled with water if using indoors.

6. If using a tub, place it under the discharge end of the sluice so you can recirculate the water. Place bucket with holes around the top in the tub to catch the waste material so it does not get sucked up by the pump. 

Feed rates will depend a lot on your water flow velocity, but the easy way to gauge when your cells can handle more material is the water clears up and more of your mat's surface is exposed. To get a feel for your mat, feed a scoop or two and watch what happens -- you want to see your material dancing around in the cells. Don't be afraid to have a lot of water over your mat; an inch over the top is a good place to start. It will handle the volume quite easily!

You are now ready to run material!  Good luck getting the gold! 

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