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Bucket Sluice Concentrator

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Bucket Sluice Concentrator


This Bucket Sluice Concentrator is made of the same tough 1/8th inch ABS plastic as the larger sluices. There's also a texture on the inside of the sluice box to assist you in breaking up the gold away from the other materials. It's the original model that was first manufactured years ago by California Sluice, but now better because of the re-designed top sealed area that allows you to run the water fast with no spray back. Concentrator is best used with a 5 gallon bucket in a recirculating tub. Drill a hole at least 3/4″ diameter in the side of the bucket, half way up, and set the bucket into a plastic water bin (see how to video).  The hole is necessary so that when the water gets to the hole, it drains into the plastic bin. This is where you put the water pump (not included unless buying the complete kit) so it is recirculated back to the top of the sluice. This also keeps your gravel inside the bucket and away from your pump. A standard water hose will connect to the fitting on the sluice.  1 year warranty. Available in green or blue. Choose from 2 models:

Bucket Sluice Concentrator: You get a 24 inch long x 6 inch wide x 4 inch deep concentrator, water hose connector, and attachable nozzle for 1 1/8 inch hose. If you want to recirculate the water, then you will need a water pump with a fitting to adjust the water flow. You will also need to purchase a regulator if you want to change the water speed. We recommend a minimum 500 gph pump. Hose, Pump, Water Adjuster and Bucket are NOT included.

Bucket Sluice Concentrator Complete Set Up Kit: You get everything mentioned above, plus a 500 gph pump, 3 feet of hose, water valve, hose fitting, and bungees for mounting to a bucket. Bucket NOT included.

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