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Garrett Axiom Metal Detector Standard Package with Accessories

Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector
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Garrett Axiom PI Metal Detector Package #1142720 - FREE SHIPPING!


Big or small, get ALL THE GOLD with Garrett's new Axiom Metal Detector. New in 2022, The Axiom is a ground balancing pulse induction (PI) metal detector designed primarily for gold prospecting, but with potential applications in relic/coin and jewelry detecting as well. The Axiom Metal Detector with 13"x11" DD Coil, 11"x7" Mono Coil and MS-3 Headphones is the lightest detector in its class to keep you swinging for hours (4.2 pounds with 11" mono coil and coil cover - 4.7 pounds with 13" mono coil and coil cover). Balanced to maximize comfort while gold prospecting. Collapses to 25 inches when not in use for easier storage and transport; fully extended it's 61.5 inches. Waterproof and rainproof components. For decades, Garrett has been a trusted supplier of high-quality detectors. Now they are adding to that great legacy with the exciting new Axiom! The Axiom was designed with a great deal of consideration and utilizes a lot of carbon fiber, creating excellent ergonomics and balance across the entire line of coils. The Axiom is a rock solid detector that you can depend on to find a wide spectrum of gold, handles bad ground and hot rocks, and provides a huge amount of information in understanding the ground you are working and the ability to make changes quickly and precisely. The Axiom tagline is: Find More Gold!

Special features of Garrett Axiom pulse induction (PI) metal detector:

  • Advanced pulse timings provide enhanced sensitivity and complete versatility in the most extreme mineralized soils and in saltwater. Choose from four settings, each ideally engineered for finding all types of gold, from larger nuggets to sub-gram pickers
  • Axiom’s advanced system provides independent dual-channel ground balance that covers the full range of mineralization, from heavily mineralized magnetic ground to saltwater, and everything in between.
  • Built-in, high-capacity Lithium battery With about 16 hours on a full charge, Axiom’s built-in, high-capacity Lithium Ion battery provides twice the battery life offered by some prospecting detectors!
  • Axiom’s booster pack holds 8 AA batteries, either standard or rechargeable. Use this pack to get another 6 hours of battery life in remote areas.
  • 2 audio types - PWM Audio or VCO.
  • Ultra Pulse™ Technology. Pulse rate 1500 Hz (adjustable)
  • Z-Lynk™ Wireless (integrated)
  • Backlight
  • Ground Balance: Automatic, dual channel
  • Ground Balance Readings: Dual independent numbers
  • Ground Track Modes: Off, slow, medium, fast
  • 8 Sensitivity/ Depth Adjustments
  • Water/Weather Resistance: Waterproof coil/stem, Rainproof control box
  • Axiom weighs 4.2 pounds with 11-inch mono coil
  • Warranty: 2 Years, Limited Parts/Labor

Along with Garrett Axiom metal detector, you get:

  • External AA battery pack with battery monitor and charge indicator
  • Soft carry case
  • Power Adaptor 100-240 USB-A 20W International Plug
  • 13" x 11" DD search coil and coil cover and coil cover - Garrett has developed a new design within the DD coil configuration for the Axiom. The ring winding in the center of the coil acts as a mini mono coil, allowing you to use a DD coil in highly mineralized ground conditions and have a sweet spot that has depth and sensitivity similar to a mono coil.
  • 11" x 7" Mono searchcoil and coil cover
  • Garrett MS-3 wireless headphones
  • Cable Assy USB-A to USB-C Charging 3'
  • Download Garrett Axiom Metal Detector Owner's Manual
  • Additional Axiom search coils found here

Axiom Pulse Induction Field Test

Axiom Pulse Induction Field Test appeared in the March/April 2023 issue of Gold Prospectors magazine. Below is a summary from that article by Kevin Hoagland. Download complete Axiom Field Test .pdf here.

  • The Axiom is a new build and not a remake or an upgrade of any prior Garrett or White's metal detector. Garrett created Ultra-Pulse timing to broaden the range of gold that can be found with the Axiom. There are 4 distinct timing settings: Fine, Normal, Large, and Salt. Each timing setting uses extremely fast, multiple-pulsing signaling that is then coupled with their new signal processing system to measure target response and decay in a way that forces even the smallest targets and larger deep targets to have more of a recognizable target response.
  • Tone is one of the most important settings on the Axiom. You cannot find what you cannot hear! Everyone hears differently— some tone ranges can be heard better than others. The ability to be able to tune a detector's tone is massive! Do it before the first swing of your detector every time.
  • For all the benefits of a Pulse Induction detector, one foe that gives every detectorist trouble is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) which is created by power lines, aircraft flight paths, wireless transmissions, atmospheric conditions, cell phones and more. In some areas, it can be so bad as to render PI detectors useless. But the Frequency Scan of the Axiom is amazing! It has a 2-stage system to eliminate or reduce to a level taht allows detecting in almost all scenarios.
  • Terra-Scan is a new technology development by Garrett that uses multi-channel ground balancing, which reads the base ground mineralization and its variations and any additional mineralization such as hot rocks (ironstone), then processes all the mineral information and reduces the ground response that is sent. It is a huge gain in mineralized soil and hot rock workability. An advance feature of Terra-Scan is the Ground Balance Window (GBW). This is the Axiom's ability to remove or minimize a multiple and compacted area of hot and cold stones while maintaining the ground's average and not— or less significantly— affecting good targets.
  • Axiom is updateable. When updates to the machine are available, they will be downloadable from the Garrett website. The Axiom comes with a USB cabel to install updates from your computer.
  • Download complete Axiom Field Test .pdf here.

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