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Gold Banker - Topper for Gold Cube

Gold Banker
Plate material
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Gold Banker - Top Unit Only for Gold Cube


Already own a Gold Cube Deluxe?  Just add this top unit called the Gold Banker! Available in Anodized or Stainless Steel (for use in salt water). Take the hassle out of pre-classifying  and increase your yield at the same time!  The 3/16th punch plate allows for a 50% size increase,  double the slick plate for increased separation and 3 nugget traps instantly show the gold. Spray bar acts like a huge classifier. Simply attach the stand extensions and extra 5 feet of hose to your existing Gold Cube and you are ready to go for the gold.  Scroll down to read the field test review that appears on pages 14-15 of the July/August 2013 issue of GPAA's Gold Prospector Magazine!

Constructed of thick ABS material with built in adjustable spray bar.  The punch plate top is available in your choice of anodized or stainless steel that simply slides into the unit.  Stainless is the best choice for salt water use, or you can just rinse the less expensive anodized version with fresh water.  Choose Stainless or Anodized from drop down menu below.

The Gold Banker Includes:

  • Topper Unit with 3 nugget traps
  • Stand Extensions
  • 5  feet of  Flexible Poly Hose

SPECS: Length  23 inches; Width  13 inches; Height  3 inches; Weight  2 pounds; Punch Plate  3/16 inch

The Gold Banker was field tested by Gary Sturgill, Trade Show Manager for the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA). His findings appears in the July/August 2013 issue of Gold Prospector Magazine. Here is what Gary had to say:

"I have had my Gold Cube for about a year now. You can run your concentrates through it or run classified material through it. I like the way it runs my concentrates from half a bucket of black sands and gold down to a cup and a half in a short time. I've used the Cube in the field with some of the GPAA crew on an outing and we had to classify all of the material before running. Every miner knows that when you have to classify your material before you run it, you're not as productive as when you can run it straight through a piece of equipment. More volume means more gold!

The Gold Banker eliminates the classifying of the paydirt. This nifty little unit will turn your Gold Cube into a high banker of sorts. You can now shovel your paydirt right into the Gold Banker, which has a built in spray bar to wash your material right into the Gold Cube. With the Gold Banker, you can classify all the larger rocks and pebbles off the back.

The Banker comes zinc-plated, but if you are running material from a saltwater beach, the stainless steel model may be your best option. It even has 3 gold traps built into the tray for catching any larger particles of gold before going though the Cube. The package comes with a longer hose for feeding the spray bar and uses the standard 1,100 gallons per hour pump supplied with the Gold Cube Deluxe.

I took the Gold Cube and the new Gold Banker out to one of my favorite places to prospect and set it up in about 5 minutes and was ready to run some dirt. I started digging where I had last left off, and started shoveling straight onto the punch plate. The spray bar was doing a great job of washing the material and only the larger pebbles were coming down the back. The larger material will hang on the bottom of the classifying screen, allowing you to inspect everything before you wipe it off..

I did find one piece of gold that was large enough not to pass through the 3/16 inch punch plate. I would suggest that you place a square bucket on the back of the unit to catch the pebbles and possible gold nuggets and run the tailings over a detector in a placstic scoop just to be sure you are not tossing any gold away. I ran about 10 buckets or so through the Gold Banker and saved a lot of time since I didn't have to classify the material. When I finished, I just lifted the Gold Banker from off the top of the Cube and put everything in the back of my truck for the ride home, where I would do my clean-up.

It was a good day at my little spot. I caught gold in the Gold Banker traps, the top tray in the Gold Cube and finally in my trusty gold pan. The Gold Banker is a durable unit. I hit the punch plate with the shovel multiple times and did not even leave a mark on it or move it from the angle I had it set at. I give this new product 10 out of 10 for its easy for assembly, durability, and time savings. I was able to run much more material in less time."

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