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Model 20 Digital Electroscope - FREE SHIPPING!

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Model 20 Digital Electroscope FREE SHIPPING!

The Model 20 Digital provides our latest, upgraded, digital tuning that may increase the detection capabilities for the user. Customers that have used both the Model 20 analog and the digital version believe the digital is stronger, although they say the analog is a fine Electroscope as well. The Electroscope Model 20 Digital is a versatile treasure hunting tool capable of detecting gold and silver for different types of hunting. This Electroscope can give you a direction from a distance, to narrow down a small area of search. Whether you prospect for gold, relic or coin hunt, or cache hunt, it is an excellent treasure hunting tool for your money! 
Featuring a liquid crystal display that provides the treasure hunter with 1-10 tuning band to set up the strongest detection for gold or silver. When practicing to learn your best settings, turn the knob to adjust the number on the screen. The screen also displays a balance indictor to help you learn proper scanning technique. A battery icon on the bottom right of the screen shows current battery life. Distance and depth capabilities on a single coin, piece of jewelry, or small nugget are as far away as 200 feet and as deep as 24 inches. Large caches or deposits of gold could be detected as far away as ¼ of a mile and as deep as 8 feet.

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