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Pro-Spector Electroscope - FREE SHIPPING!

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Pro-Spector Electroscope FREE SHIPPING!


This sleek, newly designed Electroscope is a fantastic scouting tool used to locate an area of interest for treasure hunters and prospectors.  The Pro-Spector has separate gold or silver settings and digital tuning to adjust for optimum tuning. It also features large, visible, numbers on the LCD screen, which provides you with a more intense attraction to the desired material in the field.  The LCD is backlit for low-light conditions and for better visibility.  The ten turn tuning knob is very precise.  The antenna system also becomes a tuning mechanism when the Pro-Spector is adjusting the antenna length in conjunction with the tuning knob setting -- providing the most accurate tuning.   The 9-volt alkaline battery life is monitored with a battery icon on the LCD.   Cover more ground and save precious time with a Pro-Spector Electroscope!

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