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Super Wide Drop Riffle Highbanker

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Geo Sluice Super Wide Drop Riffle Highbanker - FREE SHIPPING!


This Super Wide Highbanker was designed by GeoSluice with production mining activities in mind. You can pour the bucket of material in and the spray bars wash the material. Hand sweep the material to make sure it is clean. This sluice is almost twice as wide as other similar highbankers on the market. Sluice is 39 x 18 x 4.5 inches. Inside sluice is 16.24" wide with 4 V riffles, 2 deep 3/4 riffles, and 5 shallow .25" riffles. Banker area is 32 x 18.5 x 3-3.5, with 2 V riffles. The larger sluice box and riffles allow for faster processing!

Le Trap Sluice made from ABS plastic using high tech modern vacuum molding machine. It's remarkably strong and takes years of abuse in the field. Super light weight eliminates the days of carrying heavy equipment just to get the best gold production. Choose green or blue. No matting to clean up!

The hopper box alone has two great features that are better than the competition! Larger classification area and larger boil area in the hopper! The boil area is where the water jets spray down into the hopper and creates a boiling action that breaks the material apart.

Includes hose and water adjuster, but does NOT come with a pump -- manufacturer suggests using a gas pump or a 2200 Johnson pump or similar.

Shippping box weight is 22lbs; 40x20x9"

OPTION: Add a 4 ounce bottle of flocculent to your purchase (see drop down menu at top) and ensure clear water for all of your re-circulation needs. Floc lets you work material longer without having to constantly change out the water due to sediment build-up that destroys pumps and robs gold on the first pass. Just minutes after adding to your water, all the mud, clay and dirt coagulates and drops to the bottom of your recirculating tub. DO NOT OVER USE. A little Geo Clear goes a long way. Add just 1 gram per 5 gallons of water. Geo Clear allows you to run clear looking water through your unit.  It also keeps gold from washing through your system. 

NOTE: Flocculent is NOT the same as Jet Dry. Many gold miners use Jet Dry to break the surface tension of the water so gold doesn’t float. Jet Dry is a surfactant commonly used with spiral wheels, miller tables and bowls.  Flocculent is a chemical compound that takes particles all the way down to colloidal and pulls them out of suspension. It combines everything together and then that debris drops to the bottom leaving mostly clear water.

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