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Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe

Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe
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FREE SHIPPING! 3-Stack Gold Cube Deluxe includes: 1 Slick Plate, 2 Separator Trays, Stand, Pump, Hose, Hose Adapters


Looking for a gold recovery product that can process tons of concentrates into mere ounces? The Gold Cube can retrieve your gold from the material you've gathered from rivers, beaches, black sand, etc. With a 12-volt battery (not included) you're ready to clean up your concentrates QUICKLY! The Gold Cube is a small enough to fit into the trunk of your car and consists of stacking trays made of indestructable plastic LDPE (low density polyethylene) that's as thick as a cutting board. Includes manufacturer's 30-day money back guarantee; pump carries a 1 year warranty.

Gold Cube 3-Stack Deluxe includes:
• One Slick Plate
• Two Separator Trays
• Stand
• Pump
The wires on the pump are about 24 inches; alligator clips are included so you can easily clip on the wires
• Hose
• Hose Adapters

Gold Cube inventors Mike Pung and Steve "Red" Wilcox say that they like to think "inside the Cube" instead of "outside the box." Instead of building a better mouse trap, they built a better gold trap! If you've been prospecting for very long, you've probably come to realize that most of the large gold nuggets that were once lying on or near the ground surface were scooped up by the Stampeders and '49ers long ago. Not that nuggets still aren't found, because they are, but fewer of the chunky stuff was left behind by the Old Timers. The good news is that those same Old Timers did not have the benefit of Gold Cube technology, and literally left tons of fine gold behind for YOU, the astute modern-day prospector to recover.

With the Gold Cube, the vortex it creates acts like quicksand and buries your gold so you don't lose it like is possible with a sluice. If you are using 1800s technology, you get 1800s results. The Gold Cube is new technology. It's a new way of getting the gold that works when set up and used properly. The compact Cube has been featured on the GPAA-produced TV show, Gold Trails, and has been used on popular Discovery Channel shows such as Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold. You can watch videos and read about it on this website; you can also see live demonstrations of the 3 Stack Deluxe Gold Cube at Gold & Treasures Shows that are produced by Gold Prospectors Association of America and held in various states each year.

Since the Gold Cube appeared on the marked in late 2009, it has become known as one of the best gold concentrators on the market. It can take 1,000 pounds of material an hour and reduce it down to a cup and a half. You can also run half a ton of material through the Gold Cube before you have to stop for a clean up. If you've got lots of paydirt to process, the Gold Cube offers you convenience and accuracy, hence the company slogan "Cube It or Lose It."  This new technology is far more efficient than panning out your gold by hand.

ACTUAL CUSTOMER COMMENT: "I just wanted to say thank you for the best system I have purchased for gold mining. And believe me I have bought more than 5 different systems. I primarily mine on the Pacific Coast dealing with heavy black sand, and there gas not been a system that does a better job than the Cube. And what's real nice it works that we'll on the hard rock stuff we do as well. I tell all my buddy's about it. Just wanted you to know what a quality product you have. Thank you."

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