Earthquake Vibrating Gold Classifier 

Save your poor tired back! No stooping, squatting, bending or bucket shaking required with the "Earthquake" vibrating bucket gold classifier! Built with a UV and water resistant coating, the sturdy Earthquake is extremely effective for screening both desert and river material, and has been tested using bucket style classifiers from 1/2 inch through 100 mesh screens. The Earthquake will classify a 5 gallon bucket of dry or wet material in 3 to 5 minutes— just add your own classifiers and a battery and you are ready to get the GOLD without a lot of muscle power!  FREE SHIPPING!

The "Earthquake" Advantage:

  • The bucket shakes itself and SAVES YOUR BACK!
  • Use 2 bucket-style classifying screens you probably already own, such as Keene 1/2" & 1/4"
  • Screened material falls into a 5 gallon bucket below, or onto the ground
  • High volume processing — classify a 5 gallon bucket of dry or wet material in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Variable speed motor controller allows for fine vibration adjustment, depending on the consistency of the material being processed 
  • Operates on 12 volts so you can operate it from your vehicle or other power source such as a 45 watt solar system, or a 600 watt generator backing up a deep cycle battery
  • Designed and created on a state-of-the-art computerized CNC milling machine to ensure a portable, sturdy and durable piece of field equipment
  • Optional Wheel Kit available for easy transport 
  • Optional Water Kit available to classify wet material to maximize find gold recovery in your sluice box or highbanker
  • Weighs about 35 pounds; measures approx. 27" tall, the shaker box is 21" x 21" and the legs spread about 27" x 21".
  • Move more material quicker, get more gold quicker!
    Earthquake Vibrating Gold Classifier

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    Earthquake Vibrating Classifier with Wheel Kit

    FREE SHIPPING! Earthquake Vibrating Classifier with Wheel Kit  #BBRMFG-2

    Earthquake Vibrating Classifier with Water Kit

    FREE SHIPPING! Earthquake Vibrating Gold Classifier with Water Kit  #BBRMFG-3

    Earthquake Vibrating Classifier - Wheel & Water Kits



    Aftershock Portable Vibrating Classifier


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    Watch the videos of the Earthquake Vibrating Classifier in action!