Gold Claw 

Gold Claw pan

NEW!  The Gold Claw pan is a true gold panning break through! The average person spends 5-10 minutes panning one pan full of material. The Gold Claw pan takes less than 30 seconds! Scroll down to watch action videos and see for yourself. And for a limited time, when you purchase a Gold Claw pan you get 4 FREE ACCESSORIES AND some practice paydirt with REAL GOLD! In addition to the pan you get: 2 oz snuffer bottle to suck up your gold, a scoop for feeding your Gold Claw, an LED magnifier, a small empty vial, and also a vial of practice panning gravel containing REAL GOLD!  Improve your panning skills with the Gold Claw.

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Gold Claw’s new technology overcomes the common pitfalls associated with gold panning. This pan enables anyone to out-pan a pro by panning faster and catching more gold! 30-day satisfaction guarantee offered by manufacturer. Available in green or transparent. Pan measures 12 inches wide x 10 inches tall x 2.75 inches deep.

Gold Claw pan

The Gold Claw pan is specially engineered from Tritan, the most highly-rated plastic for outdoor use. It's rugged, made in the USA, and is especially ideal for beginners because this revolutionary NEW gold pan makes it easier than ever to get to the gold without technical training or experience. Here's why:

  • Panning the conventional way involves repeated cycles of washing. As the water retreats, it pulls lighter materials out of the pan producing a “waves of the ocean” effect. Because gold naturally has a high surface tension, fine or flat gold will actually float. Experienced prospectors know to protect fine gold by keeping it safely at the bottom. However, beginner panners are unaware of this effect and often allow the fine and flat gold to be picked up and floated right out of the pan.

  • With conventional panning, a panner aggressively shakes the material in the pan to create liquefaction. The material then begins to stratify or form layers by weight. In other words, the lighter material works its way up and the gold works its way down into the riffles at the bottom. At this point in the process, panners typically will stop shaking and wash away some of the top layer of lighter material and then repeat. However, inexperienced panners may be too gentle to get the gold down or are overly aggressive and shake the gold back up or wash away too much of the top layer and lose the gold. Experienced panners know not to shake the pan while washing since shaking can suspend the fine gold and be wash it out with the gravel. Clear as mud right? Let’s just say its hard to get it right. The Gold Claw pan solves this problem by placing gold trapping riffles outside the pan, ensuring effective contact with all the material. A beginner only has to know to gently shake and pour the material in a thin layer over the riffles keeping it under water.

  • In conventional pans, large rocks often upset the process of panning. Because surface tension is required to wash out the lighter material, the particle surface area to volume ratio becomes important. Smaller particles have a higher ratio and are more easily suspended. When gravel is mixed with fine gold it requires fairly aggressive washing to remove the larger rocks, but the fine gold is easily lost. The conventional solution to address this problem is to classify or screen away the larger gravel, but this takes time and additional equipment. With the Gold Claw pan, heavier materials flow like liquid into the gold traps, and regardless of size, lighter materials are displaced and flow over the edges and out of the pan. Separation is no longer dependent on the effects of surface tension and size is no longer a pitfall. With our pan, you can process the large gravel along with the fine sands and fine gold. This not only makes the process simple and effortless, it greatly increases the ability to trap superfine gold.

RECENT COMMENT FROM ACTUAL CUSTOMER: "The new Gold Claw worked flawlessly! It was the talk of the panning trough! So simple even a 65 year old Grandma can find gold! The material at the Gold Mine in Quartzsite, AZ was so full if clay, many people were having trouble getting through it. Then hypnotized themselves swirling their material searching for the elusive black sand. Not me! I told everyone I'd only be a minute at the trough and they laughed! The Gold Claw burned through the clay in 15 seconds and down to black sand in another 30 seconds! Needless to say, everyone wanted to know where they could get one, including the Gold Mine Owner! We were only finding 30+ mesh and smaller gold and the Gold Claw had no problem trapping that small of gold. I ran a test using my "old method" of classifying 8, 12 & 20 mesh, panning out each size individually in my favorite round pan. Not only was it VERY time consuming, I wasn't able to find any gold!  Again, the Gold Claw worked beautifully as advertised finding gold in unclassified clay material! Saved me hours of having to manually classify material and then panning each size out. I will never go back to the "old fashioned pan" again! Best Regards, S.P."

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Gold Claw pan
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Gold Claw pan + FREE accessories & gold

NEW Gold Claw enables anyone to out-pan a pro by panning faster and catching more gold!

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