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Monday, March 29 2010
If you're struggling with how best to RECOVER FINE GOLD, the CATCH-IT II WATER TABLE is designed as the ultimate tool for fine gold recovery! The aluminum table has a unique green surface that attracts gold. Just sprinkle clean gold concentrates onto the water covered table. The flowing water stratifies the material, allowing the gold to separate and stick to the green surface while the blond and black sands float away. All that is left to do is to brush the gold to one spot and snuffer it up! The CATCH-IT II II WATER TABLE is an amazing finishing machine for only $249 that comes in a rugged plastic tote to protect the table from damage when in transit or storage. Included in the tote is the water table, a tailings bin, a 110 VAC submersible mini-pump, one small brush and instruction sheet. Get more information and watch the demo video here!
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Tuesday, March 16 2010

Depending on where you live, spring is in the air, either a little or a lot. What that mostly means is we're all getting out and about more— in the woods or the desert— to prospect, metal detect, and just clean up the backyard and flower beds (don't forget your Woodman's Pal machete for clearing brush and pruning!). When you do venture outside more, protect yourself with snake gaiters. Of course  snakes are your number one concern, but so is avoiding painful cacti needles. If you've ever brushed against them while on a hike, you'll know what I mean. The Snake Guardz and Snake Chapz brand of snake leggings are used by the US Border Patrol, US Forestry Service, hunters, hikers, fishermen, ranchers, surveyors, realtors, landscapers, and thousands of treasure hunters who need snake proof leg armor. Snake Guards and Snake Chaps are available in 6 sizes and 8 colors/camo patterns to blend into your environment. These snake gaiters are light-weight (10 ounces), cool, contoured to fit, and backed by the manufacturer's LIFETIME Repair or Replacement Warranty and a ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCT LIABILITY POLICY.  Watch the Field Test Video here and you'll be AMAZED!  Don't take a chance this spring and summer— get your Snake Guardz, Snake Chapz or Snake Chapz Full Protection today! Buying a pair is a one-time $60 snake proof insurance policy for enjoying the great outdoors!


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