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Thursday, April 13 2023

Over the years you may have tried many different types of mats, carpets, riffles, and miners moss, but Dream Mat was inspired solely dream mat sluiceto help prospectors work less to get more gold! The Dream Mat is the first sluice mat ever to be scientifically engineered and designed using advanced fluid dynamic principles and physics. The mini Hydro-Cyclone inspired vortex cells classify, separate, capture and hold gold naturally. Dream Mats vortex cells exploits natures own forces in a patented system to bring the finest gold recovery ever created. These mini cells are engineered to capture the finest of gold without needing huge amounts of water to maintain good exchange. Big gold is really heavy and Dream Mat captures and holds the bigger gold in its vortex holding cells, just like it does with fine gold.  Made in the USA. US patent 9168536 B2.

Mini Dream Mat is ideal for sandy areas and black sands. Great for 1/4"-3/8" screened runs. Catches the gold everyone is missing! Mini Mat is great for that hard to catch gold!

Vortex Dream Mat is the original Dream Mat that's great for both large and fine gold recovery— less cons, more gold, instant clean out. There is nothing not to like about this mat!

How Does Dream Mat Work so Well?
Traditional sluice mats have a fluid dynamic called "secondary boundary layer" that migrates gold through the sluice. This layer of rolling, moving fluid constantly moves the material out the direction with the flow. Only Dream Mat continually stops this process by profiles that spin the flow on a vertical axis back against the flow. Acting like a swirling cheese grater, it constantly breaks down the process of the rolling "secondary boundary layer" and captures the fine gold in a collection cell in a safe, active fluid bed of black sands. Like a circular run-away truck ramp, the heavy gold is quickly trapped and sinks to the bottom. Finally a sluice mat that Prospectors Dream of!

What is Dream Mat Made of?
Dream Mats are made of polyurethane (not cheap rubber or silicone!). Polyurethane is cut and wear-resistant; weight sustainability is 10x fold what rubber is. Dream Mat will expand in the sun and shrink in the cold. If you leave the mat folded over while under stress and it freezes, it may crack. If you find that suddenly your mat no longer fits the sluice, submerse it in cold water first. UV light can affect the color of your mat, but it will not negatively affect the longevity. Take care of the mat and you will have it for years to come!

Tips to Get the Most out of Your New Dream Mat Sluice:
    •    Before first use, wash your Dream Mat with detergent in warm water with a soft brush or cloth to release any excess release agent left over by the manufacturing process. Wash both top and bottom of the matting. You might see some small bubbles in the mat pattern. With the many cells that are concentrating minerals for you in the Dream Mat, rest assured that the hydro cyclone nature of the system will override most small bubble imperfections and have very little overall effect.
    •    Feed rates will depend a lot on your water flow velocity, but the easy way to gauge when your cells can handle more material is the water clears up and more of your mat's surface is exposed. To get a feel for your mat, feed a scoop or two and watch what happens -- you want to see your material dancing around in the cells. Don't be afraid to have a lot of water over your mat; an inch over the top is a good place to start. It will handle the volume quite easily!
    •    A good rule of thumb is 9-9.5 degrees of pitch. You can pull this back marginally for fine sand or go a little steeper if you're dumping a lot of heavy material into your sluice that needs more momentum to clear out.

Browse Now — Dream Mats for Stream Sluices,  Power Sluices, and Gold Cube.

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