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Saturday, April 29 2017

The NEW Ameritek metal detectors have arrived!  The Minuteman, Liberator, and Patriot, are three new Ameritek metal detectorstreasure finding machines from Teknetics with true blue American graphics on their faceplates. Proudly made in the USA by Fisher Labs, these units are making award-winning metal detectors affordable again! Whether you're looking for the ease of a turn-on-and-go coin shooter or want more features for gold prospecting, you will find it in the affordable Ameritek line. All three detectors feature waterproof searchcoils, large two-digit numeric displays, and are perfectly balanced and light-weight so you can swing all day. Click the links below to check out the features of each new machine and use coupon code A1486 for $50 OFF + FREE SHIPPING + FREE Accessory Kit! Free Accessory Kit available only through 7/11/17.

minuteman metal detectorMinuteman

• Turn-on-and-go, well balanced and lightweight
• Pinpoint mode with depth indicator (CM or IN)
• Motion discrimination mode
• Variable tone breakpoint
• Large 2-digit numeric Target-ID numbers, from 1-99
• Adjustable sensitivity and discrimination
• Fe-Tone - Adjustable Iron Audio
• 8-inch concentric waterproof searchcoil

Click here to get it for $199 AND FREE SHIPPING AND FREE ACCESSORY KIT with coupon code A1486

Liberator metal detector


• V-Break, variable tone breakpoint
• Pinpoint mode with depth indicator
• Discrimination, motion, no motion
• Variable notching
• Large 2-digit numeric Target-ID numbers, from 1-99
• Adjustable sensitivity and discrimination
• Ground Grab, computerized ground balancing
• 2 search modes
• 4-Tone Audio-ID
• 11-inch waterproof DD searchcoil

Click here to get it for $299 AND FREE SHIPPING AND FREE ACCESSORY KIT with coupon code A1486

patriot metal detector


• Detects coins to 12 inches
• 13 kHz frequency – good for coin shooting, relic hunting and gold prospecting
• Frequency shift for eliminating electrical interference
• Visual Target-ID by category and 0-99 numerical indication
• Target-ID confidence bar
• Continuous ground mineral concentration readout
• Push-button static pinpoint
• Speed selection – normal for most conditions, slow for deep coins in non-trashy areas
• 11-inch waterproof DD searchcoil
• 40 hours of battery life (4 AA batteries)

Click here to get it for $399 AND FREE SHIPPING AND FREE ACCESSORY KIT with coupon code A1486

Guidelines for All Metal Detectorists

Realize that each time you go detecting you will be representing EVERYONE in this sport; all will be judged by your actions. Detectorists are a very visible group and the public knows what you are doing. That is why you must conduct yourself accordingly, learn proper recovery techniques and abide by a code of ethics. Scars from improper or sloppy recovery methods can remain for years and further damage the image of this activity. This can only lead to tougher laws and regulations. Even in remote areas it is very important to always leave no sign you were there.

Learn about your local laws regarding metal detecting, especially on Federal, State or County lands, because they can vary significantly from state to state. Make the effort to search the local public records to verify the laws regarding metal detecting in your area BEFORE you go detecting. Do the same with State and Federal agencies that govern lands AND waters in your area.

If you will be hunting on private property you MUST obtain permission ahead of time and be absolutely certain you know the exact boundaries of the property or yard. Check with your County land records office (usually County Seat) to obtain information on how to research or obtain land ownership plats. In some places this information is available online or you may be able to purchase a plat book for your County (some libraries also have copies you can view). These plat books are useful tools, showing owner’s name and boundaries, as well as Federal-, State-, and County-owned lands. However, it is your responsibility to still check with the land owner to verify the plat map is correct. Penalties and fines can be very costly. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Once you have a name, try to locate the owner’s address and pay him a visit. Introduce yourself, express your interest and ask if he would allow you to metal detect on his property.

Explain your practices and how you will proceed. Always be polite, even if he turns down your request. If given permission, find out if there are any limitations he might have; certain times of the day, where to park your vehicle, certain areas that might be off limits, etc. Above all else, you must carefully cultivate the relationship between yourself and the land owner to ensure that you always have his/her best interest in mind. Often there may be others, such as hunters, using their property as well. Crop lands might be leased to a farmer; buildings may be rented or leased to other families. If your activities offend any other users, they will also offend the owner and that will reflect negatively on the sport. You may even get kicked off the property. When you are on private property, your actions and activities must always be beyond reproach. You must always put the owner’s concerns above all else. And this is just as true if you are in a City park or on school grounds. There are numerous cities across the country that have banned metal detecting on city property, and in nearly every case it is because of a careless detectorist that left holes and trash. Always respect the land owner!

Your detector comes with the responsibility to detect and recover targets ethically. Your actions WILL affect the sport so be sure you portray yourself in the best possible way. Look for a local dealer or club in your area. They can offer up-to-date information on local conditions and laws, and teach you proper recovery techniques. Joining a club is a great way to give a stronger voice to the activity. You will find that club members have a strong stake in keeping the sport healthy by watching for violators or those not using proper recovery techniques. The goal of most clubs is to educate and teach those in this activity. With your ethical participation, you will help ensure we can all enjoy this activity for years and years. Please be responsible!

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