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Tuesday, January 03 2012
Whether you've been detecting for years or are considering the purchase of your first detector, you want to be as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible, when you're out in the field swinging. No matter the brand or model you are using, detector ergonomics comes down to three things: how your hand grips the detector, the weight and balance of the detector, and the ability to adjust the handle length. A machine with excellent ergonomic design means less strain on your wrist, arm, shoulder, and back.

• There are two types of handle designs used by detector manufactures:  the “L” shaped handle and “S” shape. Most detectorists find that the “L” shaped handle helps to reduce the load on the wrist when you swing the search coil. In contrast, gripping the “S” shaped handle tips your hand slightly downward. This slight downward tilt of the hand could put an  unnatural strain on your wrist and forearm, and over time could extend to your shoulder. It's really a matter of personal preference and comfort, so just be aware of the two handle designs and which might work the best for you.

• The second ergonomic issue is the weight of the detector and how the weight is distributed on the detector’s handle when batteries are in place. A well balanced  detector will have equal weight before and after the  grip, which is the best possible situation for swinging the search coil for a long period of time. For the “L” shaped handle, the electronics are placed directly above the hand grip, and usually the batteries are placed under the forearm for added balance to the overall assembly. This brings the balance point very close to the hand grip, but still slightly forward of the grip point, which is ideal.

• The ability to adjust the lower handle to the correct length for good upright posture while swinging the  search coil cannot be over-emphasized. This adjustment will reduce strain on your  shoulder and back. Improper adjustment can cause you to bend over  while swinging the coil and may result in lower back pain. Ouch!

Other ergonomic issues to consider for maximum comfort and enjoyment while detecting is the audio controls. The  audio output should be stereo and the volume control should cover a wide range so when you hear a signal, you can discern what the target is made of. Also, if your detector has an LCD display, the display information should be large and readable, even in bright sunlight.

Several top metal detector manufacturers such as Garrett, Fisher and Tesoro have perfected the modern art of metal detecting. With each new machine that comes to market, the features and success rate just keeps getting better. Learn more about metal detecting here.
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