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Wednesday, April 27 2011
The Tesoro Golden uMax metal detector has undergone a new and improved tone change! By changing the pitches, Tesoro has made it easier to distinguish all 4 tones clearly, which makes it easier to identify targets. Starting with the serial number 190900 (the manual has Rev 2.0 on the cover) in April 2011, all detectors have these new and improved tones. The lower tones better identify potential trash and higher tones reflect valuable targets such as silver and nickel.

Please note the correct way to set up a Tesoro Golden uMax metal detector: the notch-width control MUST be adjusted while air testing nickel with the discriminate control turned completely down to "min." With the notch switch in either wide or narrow position, adjust the notch-width to obtain a good target sound on nickel. This will give you 4 target tones. If the notch-width is NOT set correctly, you will hear only 3 tones.

If you already own a Golden uMax metal detector and want to have the tones changed for $50, please contact Tesoro directly.

Tesoro means treasure, and that's exactly what you'll find with the Golden uMax Metal Detector!
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Monday, April 04 2011
Where can you fetch the best price for the gold you find? Refineries are probably the best answer for most prospectors if you have at least two ounces of gold to sell. That might sound like a lot, but if you collect all sizes and shapes of gold over time, then sell it all at once, it's the most profitable for you. Refineries don't care if it's fine gold, pickers, nuggets, or a combination because they melt it all down and resell it by weight. They do not care about the size or shape of your original gold, they only care about the purity.

In general, refineries pay around 95% of assay (assaying is conducting a gold purity test). That means you get 95% of whatever purity is determined (85% pure is pretty common), minus a refining fee. Using $1,400 an ounce as an example price, if you sent in an ounce of gold and it was determined to be 85% pure, you would get about $1,130.50 for your ounce, minus a refining fee. Not too bad considering you can live anywhere and send any size or type of gold to the refinery of your choice! 
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